Pub owner’s brutal response to Tripadvisor review from guest with ‘untrained palate’

The Parkers Arms in Newton-in-Bowland has a four-star rating on TripAdvisor and most guests appear to have an ‘excellent’ experience when visiting, but one customer took issue with the noise level and alleged quality of food

The Parkers Arms in Newton-in-Bowland is rated four stars on TripAdvisor
The Parkers Arms in Newton-in-Bowland is rated four stars on TripAdvisor

A pub owner had a brutal response to an angry customer who took to TripAdvisor to say they felt “cheated” after visiting.

The Parkers Arms in Newton-in-Bowland has a four-star rating on TripAdvisor.

The owner of the Lancashire pub did not hold back after a guest left a two-star review claiming they cooked frozen food.

The owner said the claims could easily be disproved and is “very clear to the trained palate.”

Of the 644 reviews left on the page, 399 rated the pub as “Excellent” with one even saying it is a “must experience” destination, LancsLive reports.

One guest from Whitehaven said: “Why did we wait so long to visit the Parkers Arms? It’s bloody wonderful. Fantastic hospitality from the 3 owners, absolute salt of the earth….lovely people.”

One disgruntled guest claimed the food was frozen


Trip Advisor)

However, one guest said they were “so excited to visit” but left “so disappointed”.

The guest, who went by the username ofdaniLL123, wrote they visited the restaurant in October and were “so disappointed to have to write this review” as they had “never” left a negative review before.

They said they had followed” the pub for “ages” and loved seeing their “awards and great feedback” on Twitter, so they visited as a “birthday treat”.

The guest described the pub as “pretty tired & not the cleanest”.

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They also said the door to the kitchen was being kicked and made a “jarring” noise. The guest also claims they could hear someone being shouted at in the kitchen and even asked a staff member to ask to speak to them to “tone the shouting down”.

The disgruntled guest continued: “At this point, we couldn’t wait for it to be over. Food was fine, not that anyone checked, but if you’re charging £26 for a pie and frozen chips or a hotpot that, to be honest, if I’d made at home I’d be disappointed in myself with, you need to raise your service & experience offering, as the only elevated thing about you presently is your prices.”

They added: “So you’re ‘a no-frills country pub’ – being a country pub is not an excuse for the experience we had, that’s so insulting to every other pub out there that is working hard to show customers they are valued.

“So you’re ‘a small family-run business’ – so is ours and if I left my customers feeling as let down as we felt yesterday, I’d be SO embarrassed.

“‘Rustic’ doesn’t mean dirty toilet floors or adjacent tables left uncleaned for the entire time we were there. I understand cleaning an old country property but this ain’t it.”

The angry guest added: “Really sad & disappointing and we genuinely feel cheated by such a poor experience. “

The owner of the pub said that the only complaint when the guest visited the pub “was noise” and continued: “You did not like any service related noises such as swing doors and timers going off which unfortunately cannot be helped, there was (sic) no issues in the kitchen it was just the usual service chatter as explained.

“We offered to move you to different available tables as the others were taken, you refused them all. You never complained about the food or service during your visit.”

The owner then said: “We have NEVER served frozen anything let alone frozen potatoes of any kind in our establishment. This is such an easily proven fact for us. Disproving your defamatory comment in a court of law would be very straightforward.”

They also added that their “batches of prepped chips are date tagged and recorded daily.”

The Parkers Arms owner continued: “We are a country pub serving great food all made fresh in house. We do not claim to elevate nothing.

“We cook and serve delicious original and reworked historic dishes.”

They added: “If as you say you have followed us for a long time on SM you will have seen lots of images of those dishes looking exactly as they did when served to you.”

The owner then said: “Sadly it seems there is a minority of people across the board who expect far too much for far too little and hospitality venues are often used as a battering ram for coming short of unreasonable experiences, to sum up, apologies you did not enjoy your visit but you really should have made us aware in advance that you are very noise sensitive. Thank you for your feedback.”

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