PSOE, UP and Cs brand the PP-Vox pact for Castilla y León as “shame”


PSOE, United We Can and Citizens have described as “shame” the pact in extremis reached by PP and Vox for the new legislature in Castilla y León, which includes a coalition government in which Santiago Abascal’s party will take the vice presidency and three of the ten ministries of the regional Executive. Vox will also have the presidency of the Cortes for Castilla y León.

“Today is a bad day for Castilla y León and for democracy”said the deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastrain a press conference from Congress, in which he highlighted that “the extreme right returns to government 40 years later, hand in hand with Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP”.

Lastra has denounced that the Popular Party has “negotiated, marketed and betrayed the rights of the citizens of Castilla y León”. “The pacts they sign are the pacts of shame”, he lamented. The same words have been used by the Government spokesperson and Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, who has also branded it a “pact of shame”.

Given what happened, Lastra has assured that the PSOE will “face the extreme right and to this increasingly extreme right” that neither the citizens nor the Government of Spain can “count on”: “We are going to work our asses off to protect civil rights and freedoms in Castilla y León”.

The president of the Senate, the Burgos socialist Ander Gil, has also lamented on Twitter that Castilla y León has become “the first European region with the extreme right in government.”

United We Can describes the pact of “ignominy” for Castilla y León

The leader of United We Can and Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has criticized on her Twitter profile that “the right-wing bloc is cemented in Castilla y León”. “After months of competition for the policy of insult, hatred and social insecurity, PP and Vox demonstrate with this agreement that they are indistinguishable,” she assured. And she added: “The democratic bloc must fight so that they do not reach the State Government.”

Also the procurator of United We Can and national spokesman for the formation Pablo Fernández has crossed out the Vox entry in the Government of Castilla y León of “shame” and “ignominy” for the Castilian and Leonese autonomous community.

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“The PP puts the extreme right of Vox in the Government of Castilla y León. They show that are indistinguishable” Fernández gave his opinion in a message on his personal Twitter account.

“Racism, xenophobia, machismo, the involution in rights and freedoms in the Board of CyL”, has predicted Pablo Fernández who sentences that the pact between PP and Vox is “a shame and an ignominy for this land”.

Criticism of the PP for its pact with Vox

For his part, the only Citizens Attorney in Parliament, Francisco Igeahas limited himself to referring to the news on Twitter under the word “shame”.

Also the group of voters SOria has already criticized that the PP has “preferred to agree with Vox” despite the fact that they had told the popular vote that they would abstain in the vote to elect president of the Cortes of Castilla y León, which, added to the rest of the abstentions, would have given that position to the PP. In a statement, Soria has already regretted that the popular ones have finally chosen to rely on the formation of Santiago Abascal.

The PNV has considered “a very serious mistake” that the PP “legitimizes” an “anti-system and anti-democratic” party like Vox by agreeing with it on the governability of Castilla y León and questions the “change” that Alberto Núñez Feijóo was going to bring to the first opposition party. This has been assured by the parliamentary spokesman for the Basque nationalist formation, Aitor Esteban, who has branded the pact as “very bad news”.

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