PS5 UK stock – live: Latest restock news from Game, Argos, John Lewis and more


<p>Will this finally be the day you secure a console? </p>
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Will this finally be the day you secure a console?

(The Independent)

Update: Curries, Smyth’s Toys, John Lewis & Partners and Asda have yet to drop stock this month. Could they restock before February? Read on for more information.

2022 looks to be one of the most promising years for PS5 gamers, with upcoming titles such ace Elden Ring, Sifu, Horizon: Forbidden West, Grand Touring 7 and maybe even the PS5 VR2 headset coming in the next few months.

But customers are still struggling to get their hands on a PS5 console due to the ongoing microchip shortages around the world, which has had a big impact on supply chains for over a year now.

Sony’s Playstation 5 was released in November 2020 and even though we’re now in 2022, demand for the console is still high. January has been one of the slowest months for restocks on record, but we have seen a handful of restocks from PlayStation Direct, Game, BT, Amazon, Very and AO, indicating that things are starting to pick up again.

Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new console. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.


Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


G’night from your PS5 stock trackers

It’s been another ghostly quiet day here on the blog with – let’s just tot up the numbers – oh, yeah, zero drops. January hasn’t been a pretty great month for stocks, has it?

But don’t lose hope! There are still six more days of PS5 stock tracking action to get through this month, so we’ve still got time for a retailer to pull some consoles out of the bag.

We’re signing off for the evening but we’ll be back here tomorrow for some more good ol’ PS5 hunting. Catch you all then!

Alex Lee25 January 2022 16:59


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Alex Lee25 January 2022 16:05


PS5 vs Xbox series X

Stuck on which console to choose? The Independent’s technology editor, Andrew Griffin, weighed in with his comparative review of both consoles when they were first released, and it’s well worth a read if you’re struggling to decide.

“Both consoles offer a host of improvements on their predecessors: new designs, vastly improved performance, and new games,” he said. To find out his verdict on him, read his review of the PS5 and Xbox series X.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 15:15


‘Dying Light 2’ details

zombie fans, Dying Light 2 is nearly here! The game is already available to pre-order for £59.99 (, the most exciting bit of news is that fresh content is going to be coming your way for at least five whole years.

The game appears to be pretty open world, with a major emphasis on wall climbing and parkour, so expect to see a bunch of side quests post-release.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 14:25


On the hunt for an Xbox series X?

If you’re searching for Microsoft’s next-gen console then oh boy are you in luck. Right now, the Xbox series X is in stock at both Asda and EE, with a drop at Argos selling out earlier today.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 13:35


‘Lego Star Wars’ PS5 release date

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was first announced all the way back in 2019 to coincide with the release of the upcoming Rise of Skywalker film, but as we’ve come to expect from video games these days, due to frequent delays it was pushed back to “Spring 2022”.

But thankfully, on 20 January 2022, a new trailer was released, confirming that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga would arrive on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 12:45


Best PS5 games

Managed to buy a PS5 from Argos yesterday? With the console now on its way or already in your hands, you’re probably going to want to buy some games to go with your new machine. We’ve got a round-up of the best PS5 games for you to peruse.

In the best selling Spider-Man: Miles Morales game (£44.99,, Peter Parker is replaced with his awkward teenage protégé, Miles Morales. A next-generation spin-off, Spider-Man: Miles Morales refines the original’s formula,” our reviewer said. “This is a streamlined adventure with a more focused story, far less busy work and an endearingly clumsy protagonist still getting to grips with his powers.”

Meanwhile, Demon’s Souls (£57.99, on PS5 is a showcase of what the new console is capable of. “The oppressive gothic architecture, yawning arches and festering dungeons of this cult classic look spectacular on the new hardware, while remaining faultlessly faithful to the aesthetic and vibe of the original game,” our tester said.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 11:55


Should you buy a PS5 from CeX?

Ah CeX, the butt of playground jokes and childhood second-hand game nostalgia. While we think fondly of CeX, we’d recommend not buying a PS5 from the retailer.

why? Because you’ll be paying out the wazoo for a standalone disc edition console, with the retailer currently selling it for £650. The console usually costs around £449, so you’re better off waiting for Amazon or Very to restock the console than buying it for an extra £200. That’s scalper territory, if you ask us.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 11:25


Sign up to buy a PS5 from PS Direct

Finally, Sony has opened up registrations to buy a PS5 on the PlayStation Direct store to more than just US residents. Gamers in the UK can now register their interest to buy a PS5 from PS Direct and receive an exclusive invitation.

All you need is the email address associated with your PSN account and off you go. Invitations are usually sent out at 8am in the morning. Any remaining consoles are made available to everyone else at around 10am.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 10:55


Could Asda PS5 stock drop this week?

(The Independent)

And finally Asda, arguably the most annoying retailer out of the four stores yet to drop stock. Like a bratty little brother who nicks your ice cream just after you’ve bought it.

The retailer’s website is incredibly glitchy. It doesn’t always show the console is in stock even if it is, and sometimes it won’t let you add the console to your basket from the product page. You have to add it to your wish list and check out from there. It’s a right old pain.

Worse, restocks usually only last around 5-10 minutes, so by the time you’ve done all that, it’s all gone. It last dropped stock on Wednesday 22 December. We could see another drop this month, however, because Asda has consistently dropped once a month since the PS5 first came out. Give us our ice cream.

Alex Lee25 January 2022 10:25

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