PS5 stock – live: Today’s UK restock news from Game, Argos, Smyths and more

<p>Could our stock woes finally be over in April? </p>
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Could our stock woes finally be over in April?

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UPDATE: The PS5 could be dropping at Look and, ShopTo and Game in the next few days. Read on for more information.

It’s almost Easter. The birds are a chirping, the bunnies are a hopping, and it’s still terribly difficult to buy a PS5. What’s changed? It has now been well over a year since its launch, yet we’re all still struggling to find a console thanks to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

While things certainly looked up in March after having faced a dire start to 2022 with the worst two months for drops on record in January, we saw zero restocks last week, and that basically never happens. We’ve got all our toes and fingers crossed that April will bring on a bounty of console drops to make up for the whimpering end to the month, but so far that doesn’t look like it’s been the case.

Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new machine, plus the latest game reviews. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.


Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


PS5 restock updates in the UK

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Good morning and a very happy Friday to you! We’ve made it through yet another week of tracking the PS5 restocks. Have you managed to secure one yet?

If not, we’re of course on hand to help. As far as our predictions go, we’ve got our money on ShopTo to potentially restock next. The last time we saw a stock drop from the retailer was 6 March, so we’re expecting something any day now. It tends to go live around 6pm on Sundays so be sure to keep an eye on them this weekend!

For all the latest updates, stay tuned throughout today.

Eva Waite-Taylor8 April 2022 08:50


That’s all from us today! If you managed to get your hands on a new console through PS Direct then congratulations! If you want to make sure that you’re ahead of the queues before their next drop goes live, then you should register your interest on the Playstation website in order to receive an email about the next update.

It’s likely that restocks are going to start picking up for the rest of the month after Sony has returned to ship freight to meet demand. We have a strong feeling that Very and ShopTo could be next to restock the elusive console but we won’t discount any other retailers from surprising us.

We’ll be returning with the PS5 liveblog tomorrow to see if that’s the case before the week is out. See you then!

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 17:31


Best PS4 games

Even if you managed to get yourself a PS5, there are still plenty of PS4 games that are available to play through PS Plus and they are well worth your time if you missed them during their initial release.

classics like God of War, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank are all available to PS Plus subscribers at no extra cost on the PS5 so be sure to try them out while you can.

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 17:00


When will ShopTo restock PS5s?

ShopTo is another retailer that has updated its PS5 stock late on weekends, bucking the trend of other retailers but when will we see another drop from them?

The last time we saw a restock from them was 6 March and as they tend to restock quite regularly, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them be one of the first major retailers to begin a restock in early April, just over a month after their last one. They tend to go live some time after 6pm on Sundays so be sure to keep an eye on them this weekend!


Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 16:02


‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ PS5 review

One of the biggest console exclusives to arrive on the PS5 in the last few weeks was the first-person action game Ghostwire: Tokyo.

In our review, we said: Ghostwire: Tokyo is a memorable journey that never overstays its welcome. With a unique combat system and plenty of options for exploration, it makes an admirable effort to keep players engaged even after the credits roll. At £54.99 (, the game is priced appropriately for the time it will take to complete.”

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 15:04


Expand your PS5 storage

If you’re looking to expand your storage on a PS5, then you will need to find a compatible hard drive. In our round-up of the best PS5 accessories, we heartily recommend the Western Digital WD_Black SN850 1TB gaming SSD.

We said: “It’s a little awkward finding a compatible hard drive as you need it to be a certain size and to include a heatsink (although you can install one yourself). Fortunately, this Western Digital gaming SSD makes the process fairly straightforward.”

Take a look at our recently updated best PS5 accessories round-up for our top pick.

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 14:03


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How to get a PS5 from PS Direct

If you’ve already entered the queue for PS Direct then you should be directed to a page with a timer. If you want to make sure you are ready to make it through checkout, Playstation has posted a list of helpful tips:


Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 12:35


‘Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’ review

One of our favorite releases to come out this week was Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the largest Lego game from TT Games yet that encompasses all three trilogies of the sci-fi epic. A trilogy of trilogies, if you will.

In our review, we said: “The Skywalker Saga is a fitting tribute to the most enduring film franchise of the last three generations. Fans of both properties will enjoy it, especially those young enough to have missed the first few installations. For longtime fans of legostarwars, there’s enough of an improvement to the tried and tested formula to warrant some intrigue, if only to see how far the series has come along.”

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 12:31


PS5 now available at PS Direct

Everyone will be assigned a random unique ID in the waiting room, meaning you don’t know what position in the queue you’ll be in when the consoles drop. Best of luck!

Jasper Pickering7 April 2022 12:19

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