Provisional release to the detainee for the disappearance of Esther López


The Court of Instruction number 5 of Valladolid has agreed to provisional release from RG, known as ‘El Manitas’, arrested for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of Esther López de la Rosa, the 35-year-old woman from Traspinedo whose whereabouts have been unknown since January 12.

The Civil Guard arrested this man last Saturday, who when he appeared for the first time before the Court on Tuesday, accepted his right not to testify. The judge extended his detention for 72 hours, a period that ended this morning and he has returned to appear before the judge, who has ordered his provisional release.

The decision, through the corresponding order, has been made known by the head of the court during the appearance that took place early this morning in her office with the presence of the prosecutor of the case, the detainee himself and his lawyer, Lorena Iglesias, in which, for the first time, the suspect has made his first statement but without it having transpired.

During the appearance, the prosecutor of the case has proposed the measures finally adopted by the instructorwith the opposition of the defender.

The judge imposes the obligation not to leave Valladolid without authorization

In any case, the order imposes on RG the obligation not to leave the province of Valladolid without authorization, withdraws him from the passport (to ensure that you do not leave Spain) and the need to sign every day.

RG, 48, had been detained since last Saturday, January 22, in the dungeons of the Valladolid Civil Guard Command, on Avenida de Soria, and the judge herself had agreed last Tuesday to extend his detention another 72 hours, until 09:00 this Friday, after the deadline to keep him deprived of liberty had expired.

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Until now, the detainee had refused to give a statement before the Civil Guard and the investigating judge and only He had maintained his absolute innocence in several meetings with his lawyer defender, who managed to get her to desist from the hunger strike campaign that she started in protest at the detention she suffered and her involvement in the events.

In recent days the Civil Guard, with more than a hundred troops and members of different special units, helped by drones, a helicopter and dogs, have thoroughly, but without success, tracked the Traspinedo area, mainly the home of RG , pine forests and the Duero river as it passes through the municipality.

Samples have also been taken from a dark BMW, owned by ‘El Manitas’, during the day on Wednesday and all day on Thursday in the offices of the Civil Guard Command in search of any biological vestige that could testify that the young woman of Traspinedo got to occupy the referred tourism.

According to research

In addition to ‘The Handyman’, a second person who was with the missing person the night of the car is also being investigated for the disappearance of Esther, without further details about her identity and the reason why she is on the list of suspects of the Armed Institute.

The aforementioned individual has already testified several times as a witness at the facilities of the Meritorious and the last one, this Wednesday afternoon, he did so in his new condition of being investigated.

For this Saturday, the Civil Guard is expected to organize another ‘macrobatida’ with the assistance of volunteers. The search area will be expanded, 112 will be notified and the collaboration of the City Council and the Red Cross will be requested.

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On Sunday, Traspinedo will also be the scene of a concentration of support for the family of Esther López that will take place, starting at 5:00 p.m., in the town’s Plaza Mayor and has been convened by the City Council.


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