Prince Harry says he needs to meditate everyday as he shares ‘bumpy’ road to self-care

The Duke of Sussex meditates every day to maintain his ‘mental fitness’ although he admitted ‘none of us have life sorted’ in his chat with tennis ace Serena Williams and Alexi Robichaux, who co-founded the mental health start up BetterUp

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Prince Harry says that mental fitness ‘is the pinnacle’

Prince Harry has revealed he ‘needs to meditate every single day’ as part of his ‘bumpy’ self-care journey.

The Duke of Sussex said the routine is key to his ‘mental fitness’ in a discussion with tennis ace Serena Williams and mental health start up founder Alexi Robichaux.

The royal, who was sporting a short haircut in the video call, told the pair he sneaks in some exercise when his son Archie is at school and daughter Lilbet is having a nap.

He also encouraged people to step “outside their bubble” during the chat, which was hosted by Mr Robichaux’s organization BetterUp.

Discussing his mental health routine, Harry said: “I know that I need to meditate every single day.

Prince Harry urged people to step ‘outside their bubble’ in the video chat



Serena Williams said Harry had helped her solve problems



“Once you have to show up for other people, the self-care is the first thing to drop away.”

I have acknowledged that the road can be ‘really bumpy’.

He said he throws himself into a workout, a dog walk or meditation when he is free of the children.

Harry also discussed how stepping ‘outside your bubble’ can help solve problems after Serena revealed he had helped her.

Serena said: “I know I joke a lot but Harry is one of my coaches, whenever I see him he’s always solving all of my problems.”

Prince Harry and Serena spoke with Alexi Robichaux, the co-founder of BetterUp



Harry replied: “I will push back on that and say you’re the one figuring it out.

“It’s just having the ability to find someone else to throw ideas, feelings or thoughts off.

“To find someone outside your bubble who has a different perspective. You might not always like what they say.

“To have different points of view in your life, and friends who do not worry about pushing back on what you feel, to encourage you to see it more clearly.”

He added: “I don’t have it sorted, Serena doesn’t have it sorted, none of us have it sorted.

“Life is about discovery. You are going to find things you don’t like that are constantly pushing you back.”

Harry emphasized that turning around challenges and “making them work for you” becomes such a skill that “it almost feels like a superpower.”

He concluded: “It’s work, but of all the work that’s pulled towards us, it’s the most fulfilling work – apart from being a dad.”

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