Prince Charles toilet demands, Kate’s secret life and royal bedroom row exposed in new Royal book

Prince Charles toilet demands, Kate’s secret life and a royal bedroom row are all exposed in a new book about life inside the palace.

Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers has interviews and information from more than 120 insiders and sources and it comes out next week.

The books looks at everything from Prince Charles’s loo requests to his desire to have ironed shoelaces, as well as Kate Middleton’s difficult relationship with Meghan Markle.

The Daily Mail had a preview ahead of the publication on May 3 and it’s explosive stuff.

In the book Kate is said to make secret trips to galleries and museums to “nourish her inner life.”

Kate once went to the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy at 8am, and sat on a seat to look at the artwork, telling the man beside her: “I miss my history of art. It’s what I do to get my fix.”

Kate received a 2:1 degree in History of Art at St Andrews University in 2005.

Prince Charles is said to be “desperate” for the Queen’s approval but according to insiders, it is the “wrong sort of person” for her.

He is tough to be too needy, emotional and vulnerable.

A source said: “Arts, charitable causes that aren’t wrapped in a rigid sense of duty – it’s all anathema to her.”

Apparently Prince Philip was also worried his son was not “King material”.

Meghan, Kate, William and Harry might have been nicknamed the ‘Fab Four’ after their first event together however those on the inside claim there were problems at the start after Kate, Harry and William created mental health organization Heads Together.

When Meghan joined the project she put everyone in the shade with her public speaking abilities,

Brown wrote: “Harry looked on with awe and his brother and Kate stood by with expressionless irritation.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge had problems from the start according to book

“When it was Kate’s moment to speak, she was strikingly less articulate, as well as brief.”

It’s also said in the book that Meghan loved freebies, from designer brands and used her pre-royal status to acquire them. She apparently sent a message to PRs after marrying Prince Harry too.

In the book it says Meghan “won a reputation among the marketers of luxury brands of being warmly interested in receiving bags of designer swag.”

Following her marriage in 2018, one of Meghan’s team members wrote to a publicist to say: “Make sure [the publicist] knows that she can still send me anything.

“She’s always been one of the good ones.”

The author claims the rumored dispute with the Queen’s aid and friend Angela Kelly came after Meghan found it difficult to “perceive the difference between the Queen’s personal aid and a contract stylist at NBC Universal”.

Meghan’s choice of wedding day tiara sparked a row with Harry reportedly saying “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Meghan was said to often shout in front of staff while another insider claimed Meghan and Harry are both addicted to drama, fueling fallouts.

Brown also says in the book that Prince Charles allegedly sends a van with his belongings to the country houses of his friends’ the day before he’s due to stay to unload his “bed, furniture and even pictures”.

An orthopedic bed, toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet paper are said to be on the list.

Charles also apparently likes to decorate his room with landscape pictures of the Scottish Highlands.

Prince Harry’s and Prince Charles relationship is also examined in the book and it is said they communicate mainly through private offices.

For Harry’s 30th birthday, Charles is said to have asked: “Would you like another dinner jacket?”

Harry replied, “Okay.”

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex allegedly had birthday issues

The author then wrote: “So the man from Savile Row came to measure him and when the suit arrived . . . one arm was shorter than the other and one leg shorter than the other, so it was . . . returned in a box, which seemed kind of analogous to their whole relationship.”

It’s also said that Harry “resents” Camilla in the book and was unhappy at her converting her old bedroom at Highgrove House Gloucestershire into her dressing area.

Harry is said to have “unnerved her with long silences and smoldering resentful stars.” when they first met while Prince William remained “guarded”.

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