Prince Charles to be ‘very different monarch’ to the Queen, royal commentator says

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti feels Prince Charles will make changes to the way the royal family works when the Queen’s reign eventually comes to an end

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Prince Charles dozes off during ceremony in Barbados

Prince Charles could make big changes to the way the royal family operates when he takes to the throne, one royal expert believes.

The Prince of Wales, 73, is the oldest heir apparent in British history.

But when he does become head of state, things could be quite different in many aspects, report.

Earlier this year, a poll found the public want the Crown to bypass Charles and go to Prince William when the Queen’s reign ends.

However, royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti believes Charles will become the successor – but feels certain things will change. Charles is set to be a “very different monarch” to the Queen, he reckons.

When the Queen’s reign ends, changes will be made according to one royal expert


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“I certainly know that the monarchy will want to keep itself modern and agile in relation to the UK and the Commonwealth and keep itself relevant,” Sacerdoti stated.

“Plenty of them absolutely love the Queen and the monarchy and that handover have already started with Prince Charles.

“I would imagine on their agenda is to keep their Commonwealth but it is inevitable over time that people’s attitudes towards royalty and the monarchy might change and shift.

“I think that’s why they’ve been very careful to try to adapt and change with the times and Charles has also shown some indication that he might be quite the different monarch from his mother.

Charles, 73, is the oldest heir apparent in British history

“He may slim it down a bit more, he may reduce the number of working royals and he may decide that will make the monarchy attractive to the UK and the Commonwealth.”

In April, Deltapoll interviewed 1,590 adults and found a generational divide over who should take the throne – with younger people even calling for rebel prince Harry to become king.

It was a blow to Prince Charles, after great strides to improve his public image over the past two decades.

But a poll shows many want William on the throne next


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The data, weighted to be representative of the British adult population as a whole, will come as a shock to the royal family, who launched a PR drive after Charles’s divorce in 1996 from ­Princess Diana and their handling of her tragic death in 1997.

Just over 40% believe the monarch, who turns 95 on April 21, should remain in her ­position until she dies.

A fifth believe she should abdicate if in good health compared to 27% declaring Britain’s longest-serving monarch should choose to abdicate if her health fails.

Millennials back Wills and Harry’s environmental credentials, but perhaps they aren’t aware that Charles was doing just that before they were a twinkle in their parents’ eye – recently celebrating 50 years of campaigning for a better world.

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