Prince Charles’ plans to slim down monarchy – how Firm will change when he becomes King

A shake-up is expected to the royal family once Prince Charles becomes King – and he has his eyes fixed on ‘hangers-on’ at Buckingham Palace with more structural changes predicted

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Prince Charles and Camilla show their support for Ukraine

Prince Charles has had a long-term plan to trim down the monarchy once he takes to the throne and it could serve as a warning after recent high profile problems, a royal expert says.

The Firm has, of course, already undergone some major structural changes in the past few years.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided their future is not in the UK, while Prince Andrew is not expected to ever return to public life.

But the enforced alterations don’t begin to scratch the surface of what’s ahead, some believe.

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Many predict a big changing of the guard once Charles takes to the throne



Charles has long been prepping for the new era and he has Palace “hangers-on” firmly in his eye-line.

It has long been said that the 73-year-old plans a major shake-up of the when he becomes head of state – and it could also affect royal residences.

It remains to be seen which members of the family will be trimmed but analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti told the Mirror things are about to become very modern.

He said: “I think when Charles takes to the throne we will see the emphasis put on those who command absolute respect.

The Prince of Wales reportedly wants to rid the Palace of ‘hangers-on’


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“The demands of responsibility and certain behaviors that are needed will be at the forefront – simply, you must be totally reliable.

“It is well known that Charles wants to stamp his mark and in modern times, don’t be surprised to see changes made.

“It will be a very handy way to respond to the recent controversies, such as Prince Andrew, as well as Prince Harry’s attacks on the family.

“The core will be there, and Prince George will join in time – I think that is clear.

Charles many not be king for some time, but he’s already thinking about how he might change the monarchy



“But it’s always been speculated that Charles, when he eventually takes over, will want to slim down the working royals at the heart of the family.

“It will be about commanding respect. I think he is looking forward to being King.”

It is not simply a change of personnel that’s ahead of us.

Senior royals are acutely aware of the requirement to provide they are value for money and the weight of this responsibility has weighed heavily on the Prince of Wales.

The doors could be opened to Buckingham Palace in the years ahead, too


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Opening of Buckingham Palace to the public is one idea that the future king is said to be keen to explore.

“There’s a sense that he wants a slimmed down monarchy to make sure that everybody is doing their bit and [there are] no so-called hangers-on,” royal expert Camilla Tominey said.

“It does make the future of the monarchy kind of uncertain.

“We’ve had this model that the Queen has been at the head of for all of this time, because she’s obviously been on the throne for nearly seven decades.”

“That means by association that you’re going to have fewer royals taking on fewer patronages, and then what does that mean for the charities?” she told The Telegraph’s Royal Insight podcast.

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