Prince Charles ‘feared’ becoming king after years of training, royal biographer claims


A poll last year found that the public wants the Crown to bypass Prince Charles and go to Prince William when the Queen’s reign ends, but the Prince of Wales is determined to one day succeed his mother.

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Anxious Prince Charles is ‘dreading’ the moment he takes the crown, a leading royal biographer believes.

Despite training for years for the role, the emotional impact of losing his beloved mother would make the process incredibly demanding, experts fear.

The Queen is preparing in the coming months to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee as the world celebrates her 70 years on the throne.

The death of the 95-year-old monarch would affect Charles for a long time, says author Penny Junor.

She says the Prince of Wales is a very “emotional and sensitive” man who struggled with the death of his father, Prince Philip, last year.

It is understood that Charles really struggled with his father’s death.


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Although the 73-year-old has been preparing for the “main job” for a long time, he will be “devastated” to take the throne from his mother, she says.

The biographer told Podcast Royal: “This is a moment he has been dreading all his life.

“Achieving the highest position, the job he has been training and preparing for all these years, inevitably means the death of his mother and he loves his mother very much.

“So it’s going to be a pretty vicious week at the moment and I think I’m sure he’s pretty terrified by the whole prospect.

Prince Charles is ‘dreading’ the moment he becomes king, says expert


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“He is a very emotional man and a sensitive man, he did take his father’s death very badly.

“He takes the death of any loved one very seriously and I think it would be devastating for him as it is for anyone who loses a very dear mother.”

Last year, a poll found that the public wants the Crown to bypass Charles and go to Prince William when the Queen’s reign ends.

Deltapoll surveyed 1,590 adults and found a generational divide on who should take the throne, with younger people even calling for the wayward Prince Harry to become king.

A poll last year revealed that many would like to see the Crown go directly to William.


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It was a serious blow for Prince Charles, after great strides to improve his public image in the last two decades.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti believes that Charles will become the successor, but feels certain things will change.

Charles is destined to be a “very different monarch” to the Queen, he acknowledges.

“I certainly know that the monarchy will want to stay modern and nimble in relation to the UK and the Commonwealth and stay relevant,” Sacerdoti said.

“A lot of them absolutely love the queen and the monarchy and that handover has already started with Prince Charles.

“I imagine it’s on their agenda to keep their Commonwealth, but it’s inevitable that over time people’s attitudes towards royalty and monarchy will change and change.

“I think that’s why they’ve been very careful to try to adapt and change with the times and Charles has also shown some hints that he could be quite a different monarch from his mother.

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