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Andrew of England, on April 11, 2021, at Windsor Castle.
Andrew of England, on April 11, 2021, at Windsor Castle.Steve Parsons (A.P.)

Prince Andrew of England (London, 61 years old) has rejected any suggestion to discreetly settle his legal battle in the United States and resign himself to social ostracism that safeguards the image of the British royal family. His legal team has already submitted an 11-page brief to the New York court that instructs the accusation of sexual abuse of a minor against the Duke of York in which he flatly denies the facts. Andrés also requests that the matter be presented before a popular jury, and that this institution decide on his guilt or innocence. A trial of these characteristics guarantees maximum publicity for all the versions, details and contradictions of the parties, and involves several months of constant bombardment in the media. Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year -70 years of reign- and her team has tried to keep any element of scandal away from the commemoration. The queen decided in mid-January to withdraw all his military titles and his participation in royal patronages from Andrés, in a new sign of the will of the British royal family to remove the Duke of York from the public scene.

Andrés admits in the brief presented to the judge the relationship he had with the American pedophile millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, but denies having participated in any act of sexual abuse. He also denies, despite the flow of photos and publications that have emerged over the years, that he was a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend and getr of many of the minors that the financier abused. The daughter of British media mogul Robert Maxwell was found guilty of five crimes against sexual freedom by a US popular jury, and remains in prison awaiting sentencing.

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Elizabeth II’s son maintains his version that he never knew Virginia Giuffre, the woman – 38 years old and resident in Australia – who accuses Andrés of having abused her on at least three occasions, when she was a minor, 17 years old surnamed Roberts. Up to 40 times the defense brief denies the facts presented by Giuffre’s legal team, headed by the prestigious lawyer, David Boies. But also more than 40 times it uses the confusing argument of “lack of information” to avoid responding to the most controversial data. For example, regarding the famous photo of Andrés grabbing Giuffre by the waist in Maxwell’s London apartment, the duke’s lawyers persist in the strategy of sowing doubts about the veracity of the photo, while admitting that they do not have evidence. to prove it to be false.

But Andrés’s riskiest strategy – and the one that could end up reflecting negatively on the entire British royal family – is to question the motives and personality of Giuffre herself. Throughout more than a dozen express requests that the case be dismissed, the duke’s lawyers demand that the woman’s accusations be dismissed, for “her incorrect conduct” and for “not having clean hands.” This last argument is an American procedural concept whereby “he who claims justice must come with clean hands.” Andrés’s team will try to show that Giuffre, who lived with Epstein and Maxwell for a few years, was also involved in attracting minors to the financial environment.

“Prince Andrew’s response continues to emphasize the idea of ​​denying all the accusations against him, and trying to convey the idea that the victim is, in some way, guilty of everything that happened to him,” Boies replied. to the duke’s letter.

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