Prince Andrew laughed when his dog bit my leg and left me limping, royal maid claims

Charlotte Briggs says Prince Andrew and other royal staff were not at all upset by the 1996 attack, which left her bleeding and dog Bendicks kicked out of Buckingham Palace.

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Prince Andrew made a ‘profound mistake’ meeting Epstein, Rellie says

A royal maid claims that Prince Andrew simply laughed when he was informed that his beloved dog had attacked her while cleaning.

Charlotte Briggs says the Duke of York shrugged off the ferocious bite of the Norfolk terrier Bendicks and did not apologize.

The nine-year-old animal, named after Sarah Ferguson’s favorite chocolates, reportedly went after the worker in 1996.

The dog was kicked out of Buckingham Palace due to the incident, but the Prince seemed to only see the funny side.

Mrs. Briggs recalled what happened after she said that Bendicks reacted badly when he started using the vacuum cleaner.

The Duke of York found the attack amusing, it has been claimed.


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She told The Sun that her leg was bleeding and her stockings were torn.

The maid, then 22, was sent to the Duke’s personal physician for a tetanus shot, but when she questioned a butler, she was stunned by what she says was Andrew’s reaction to the attack.

She says “they just laughed”, and no one apologized.

“He didn’t bother,” he said. “Even when I was limping and my leg was purple, he never apologized. It’s those little things that say a lot about people and their character.”

Bendicks also attacked a carpet fitter and the duke’s groom before his death in 2000 at age 13, it was reported.

It is the last embarrassing anecdote to humiliate the Prince.

It comes after reports that the embattled Duke of York would allegedly “shout and scream” if Buckingham Palace servants didn’t follow his exact plan for the arrangement of his teddy bears.

It was also claimed that he required that his water be served strictly at room temperature and that his valet carry a six-foot ironing board on foreign trips.

Andrew’s dog was later kicked out of Buckingham Palace.


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She reportedly laughed when told that she had bitten her maid.


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Sources say the duke was known to be “rude” and have “childish obsessions” as he was ridiculed while carrying out his royal duties, the reports state.

Former deputy chief of mission in Bahrain, Simon Wilson, says the royals’ traveling entourage left people speechless.

The diplomat, who had previously received the duke, says that the prince became known as HBH, His Highness Jester.

It is the latest shameful claim made against the royals.


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She added that Andrew was “rude” and “rude” and was not liked.

Andrew is awaiting a civil sex case in the US, with the trial scheduled to take place between September and December.

Virginia Giuffre is suing the Duke for allegedly sexually assaulting her as a teenager and claims she was trafficked by Andrew’s friend, the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, into having sex with the Duke when she was 17 and underage according to the law. American law.

The duke has always vehemently denied the allegations.

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