Prince Andrew latest news: Duke agrees not to repeat claim he didn’t rape Virginia Giuffre after settlement, report says

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre reach out-of-court settlement in sexual abuse lawsuit

Prince Andrew has reportedly agreed not to repeat his denial that he raped Virginia Giuffre under the terms of a confidential settlement.

The Queen’s son has reached a multi-million-pound deal with Ms Giuffre to stop her civil lawsuit against him going to trial.

But according to The Telegrapha clause prevents the duke from repeating his claim that he does not recall meeting Ms Giuffre.

She, on the other hand, could soon be free to speak publicly under the terms of the agreement reached this weekend, the paper reports.

The Duke of York is now facing questions about his role in public life and how he plans to fund the financial settlement – ​​which some reports suggested could be as much as £12m. There is speculation the Queen could use private funds to help cover the costs.

The lawsuit alleged the duke sexually assaulted Ms Giuffre on three occasions when she was a 17-year-old victim of sex trafficking by the late financier Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew has denied the allegations.


Prince Andrew settlement: Five unanswered questions

ICYMI: Prince Andrew has avoided a public trial over sex abuse allegations after reaching an out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre.

The Duke of York has agreed to settle the civil claim Ms Giuffre for an undisclosed sum – reported to be a multimillion-pound figure.

But there are several unanswered questions.

Graeme Massie17 February 2022 02:22


Virginia Giuffre did not sign an NDA, her lawyer says

ICYMI: Virginia Giuffre did not sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of her settlement with Prince Andrew, her laywer says – paving the way for her to speak out about the alleged sexual abuse.

The Queen’s disgraced son reached a multi-million-pound settlement with Ms Giuffre on Tuesday to stop the civil case going to trial.

The settlement came just weeks before Prince Andrew was to be interviewed under oath for a deposition by Ms Giuffre’s attorneys.

Graeme Massie17 February 2022 01:34


‘Prince Andrew’s post-settlement statement about Virginia Giuffre is very different from what he said before’

ICYMI: “Back then, Giuffre was described as a money-grabber and a liar. These days, she’s a victim whose ‘pain’ is supposedly acknowledged by the disgraced royal,” writes Kathleen N Walsh.

She says Prince Andrew is apologizing “for his proximity to Giuffre’s victimhood and nothing more” in his post-settlement statement.

You can read the full piece below.

Graeme Massie17 February 2022 00:30


Duke ‘didn’t want to overshadow Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’

Making sure nothing overshadows the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was reportedly one of Prince Andrew’s main concerns in the out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre.

According to The Telegraph, a clause said to prevent the two from talking about the case or the deal only applies until the celebrations in June are over.

Laurie Churchman16 February 2022 23:27


Charles ‘happy’ to help police probe into ‘cash-for-honours’ allegations

Prince Charles would be “happy” to help a Metropolitan Police investigation into an alleged cash-for-honours scandal, a source has said.

The probe was launched after Charles and a former close confidant were reported to officers over the claims.

Anti-monarchy group Republic made a formal complaint to Met detectives about the heir to the throne and Michael Fawcett last September, following a series of newspaper articles alleging a donor to The Prince’s Foundation was offered help securing a knighthood.

At the time Clarence House said the prince had “no knowledge” of the alleged cash-for-honours scandal.

Laurie Churchman16 February 2022 21:16


‘Prince Andrew did what only the privileged elite can do. Everyone will suffer for it’

He says: “With the Sussexes long gone and Andrew permanently benched, there are fewer working royals than ever, yet the sovereign grant that funds the royal family continues to grow year-on-year.

“At a time when the value and purpose of the post-Queen Elizabeth II monarchy is coming under growing scrutiny by the public, this – unlike Andrew’s problems – won’t be a problem that can be silenced with money.”

You can read the full piece below.

Laurie Churchman16 February 2022 19:05


‘We’re getting to the point where we just don’t want the royal family any more’

“The Queen’s first meaningful contribution to public life has been to pony up the hush money for the alleged victim of her son’s sexual assault,” according to The Independent‘s political sketch writer Tom Peck.

He warns people could soon decide “they just don’t want the royal family any more”.

You can read the full story below.

Laurie Churchman16 February 2022 18:31


Queen back to work at Windsor Castle day after son settles sex case

The Queen has held an in-person audience the day after the Duke of York settled his sexual assault lawsuit, meeting the official liaison between the sovereign and the armed forces.

The 95-year-old monarch, who already had the official engagement set in her diary, met the incoming Defense Services Secretary Major General Eldon Millar, and his predecessor Rear Admiral James Macleod at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

It is the head of state’s first in-person appearance since her Covid scare six days ago, suggesting she may have escaped the virus despite coming into contact with the Prince of Wales, who tested positive two days later.

andy gregory16 February 2022 16:13


Former prosecutor criticizes Prince Andrew’s legal manoeuvres

The duke, who has always strongly Ms Giuffre’s allegations against him – had previously claimed in court documents that his accuser “may be suffering from false memories”.

Discussing the impact the case may have on victims of sexual abuse, Mr Afzal told LBC: “They will have heard what’s been said very publicly over the last two years by the Prince and his legal team, which will have reminded them of what they have gone through and will have deterred many others from coming forward. That’s why I’m angry.”

Mr Afzal added: “He used every technique… in the book, to try and get this case kicked out, lost every legal argument, had only one option now which was to give evidence or not defend the claim, and they ended up paying an enormous amount of money in order to prevent that day in court.”

andy gregory16 February 2022 15:50


Opinion | Money might buy Prince Andrew peace – but it shouldn’t

In her latest column for Independent VoicesJess Phillips writes:

“I am not a fan of rich people using the power and money of organizations and companies that we, the British people, fund with our taxes or as consumers, in order to silence people.

“I have spent the weekend reading the non-disclosure agreements of various women who have been silenced by people with power and money, and it stinks. I don’t blame the victims of maternity discrimination, bullying or sexual violence who take the settlement just to get some sense of normality back in their lives.

“I blame the system that still allows power and money to trump truth and change.”

You can read the Labor MP’s thinking in full here:

andy gregory16 February 2022 15:30

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