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Harry Kane, this Wednesday against West Ham in the League Cup.
Harry Kane, this Wednesday against West Ham in the League Cup.BEN STANSALL (AFP)

For four months, a question with the category of national debate has plagued the always controversial English football. What happens to Harry Keane (London, 28 years old), member of the Order of the British Empire, Tottenham forward, top scorer in the Premier last season with 23 goals and called to be sooner or later the best scorer in the history of the national team being five goals behind Rooney?

Depression post-transfer frustrated to Manchester City or the stained streak of the scorer who is obfuscated before the opposite door and does not score or without a goalkeeper? His two goals in the 14 championship games, one in the seventh game against Newcastle and the other in the fourteenth against Liverpool, find no consolation in the six sealed in the inconsequential Conference League. Not even on the mark in the third round of the Cup against Wolverhampton. All the specialists and star commentators of the Premier have entered the matter and they do not find the exact explanation either, although they bet more on dejection and melancholy than on lack of aim.

“It is never easy when a player wants to leave his club and everyone in the locker room knows that he wants to leave. There were alarm bells and now there will be more questions, Kane looks dejected. You will think: ‘I am here again. I’m not going to fight for the title at Tottenham again and I’m not even going to get into the top four, “Gary Neville, the former Manchester United, said a few days ago, a whip in front of the microphone. On Sunday, at Tottenham-Liverpool, the last episode of the caso kane. The 10 He was able to score after a two-month dry spell, but missed two other empty-goal chances unfit for a forward in his category.

Hurricane Harry, unofficially recognized in the United Kingdom, with Wayne Rooney’s permission, as the best British forward after Alan Shearer (1987-2006), is emerging as the only player who could one day choose to surpass his mark of 260 goals, which cataloged as the best scorer in the history of the Premier. Kane is still far away, he has 168, but, until this summer, he was shown as the one to achieve it if, as it seemed, he was able to maintain his exemplary consistency of the last seven years. And more if his transfer to a club with more financial and football resources had been consummated, such as City could have been.

Gary Lineker, from his pulpit on a television network, was always Kane’s best defender. “Of all the great center forwards England have had over the years, and we’ve had some really good ones, Kane is the most like Alan Shearer in his all-out style of football. His speed is similar, he scores very similar goals from the head or from outside the area. He can hit the goals with great power and has a good game of possession ”.

Sorry to the fans

Alan Shearer himself, on the eve of the last European Championship and when they began to talk about Guardiola’s interest in the forward, encouraged him to leave. “If Harry goes to the City he will erase my record in three or four years. He needs to join a big team if he wants to become a legend. With his club he does not win titles, that is already a compelling reason ”. This was also understood by the player, who at the age of 28 in July knew perfectly well that it was time to leave Tottenham and publicly requested his transfer. But he was met with the refusal of his club, which rejected the 150 million euros offered by Manchester City.

After the operation was frustrated, Kane had to apologize by letter to his fans and join the team’s discipline, first with Espirito Santo on the bench and now with a Conte who tries with good words and a dose of understanding to recover the player at least in his most determining facet, the scorer. Three times top scorer in the Premier: 2016 (25 goals), 2017 (29) and 2021 (23) and top scorer in the 2018 World Cup, with England, among other top individual, however, they have not won any title at a collective level or with Tottenham, with which he debuted in the Premier in the 2012-13 season, nor with the English team, with which he made his debut in 2015.

Precisely with his national team, Kane has maintained the figure. After his irregular Eurocup, in which he did not score in any of the three group stage matches, and later chained four goals, in the qualifying phase for the 2022 World Cup he has maintained his good streak. He thrashed in the three games in September: Hungary, Andorra and Poland and scored three against Albania and four against San Marino in the two appointments in November. He has already reached 48 goals in 67 games (0.72 on average), the same as Lineker in 80; one less than Bobby Charlton at 106 and five behind Rooney in 120 games.

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