Prankster sent wine and Dairylea Dunkers to Downing Street ahead of crisis meeting

Simon Harris, 38 claims to have sent a delivery of Hardy’s wine and Dairylea Dunkers in response to allegations that the Prime Minister had a garden party with wine and cheese during lockdown

Simon Harris, 38 wanted to make a 'humorous satirical point' by sending the lowest quality cheese and wine
Simon Harris, 38 wanted to make a ‘humorous satirical point’ by sending the lowest quality cheese and wine

A prankster claims that he delivered some wine and cheese to the Prime Minister ahead of yesterday’s cabinet meeting.

Simon Harris, 38 says he spent £41.59 to deliver four bottle’s of Hardy’s Chardonnay Pinot Grigio and three packs of Dairylea Dunkers to Number 10 on Deliveroo.

He wanted to send a dig at the Prime Minister for allegedly breaking lockdown rules with a ‘garden party’ last year.

Simon wanted to send a jab to the PM after pictures were uncovered by the Guardian showing Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie and colleagues in the Downing Street garden with wine, cheese and beer in May 2020 lockdown.

The wine and cheese was sent in response to leaked images that show the Prime Minister allegedly having a garden party with wine and cheese


Guardian / eyevine)

They had the garden party when the UK was under the strictest restrictions.

Simon, from Essex, said: “I decided to find the lowest quality cheese and wine possible to try and make a humorous satirical point about these so-called ‘work gatherings’.

“I asked the courier to leave the food on the main gate with the security or police. Shortly after that I had the confirmation that the delivery was complete.

Simon claims that the delivery was delivered, and posted screenshots as proof


Kennedy News and Media)

In his post, blogger Simon said: “I’ve seen that Boris Johnson is holding an emergency cabinet meeting this afternoon at 2pm and so I’ve asked the local Co-op on Deliveroo to provide them with some wine and cheese as it’s clearly a work gathering.

“I’ve done the maths and there should be enough for a small glass each as well as a couple of individual Dunkers.

“UPDATE: Wine and cheese safely delivered. Proof is in the comments.”

The dad-of-three shared delivery updates online that show the Deliveroo driver riding to Whitehall and approaching Downing Street.

He shared a screenshot of the Deliveroo app that ‘proved’ the food was delivered.

The prankster said that the order was successfully delivered and received a lot of attention on social media


Kennedy News and Media)

The ‘hilarious’ stunt has gained lots of attention on social media with many Brits finding the prank amusing.

However, others feel that he wasted money that could have been put to better use.

Simon said: “It’s been a mixed reaction on social media with a lot of people abusing me for not giving the money to a food bank.

“They have disregarded the fact I’ve raised just under £500,000 for food banks in the last few years, but that’s life.”

The dad from Essex runs a blog on Facebook


Kennedy News/Simon Harris/Facebook)

Some social media users thought the prank was a great idea.

Carolyn Buckfield said: “This is probably the best thing you have done.”

Another person, Janet Wolsoncroft said: “I’ve just finished work and sat here absolutely howling. Bravo!”

However, some angry Facebook users were not so happy by his actions.

Rod Skelton said: “Assuming this is real, which it probably isn’t – what a pointless waste of money.”

Andrea Mackleworth, another Facebook user, said: “Should be concentrating thoughts about the homeless rather than a wine and cheese party. That’s far more important.”

Deliveroo declined to comment as they are unable to share details of any individual customer orders.

Downing Street were contacted by the Mirror for comment.

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