Prankster husband uses ‘seductive’ photo of wife to sell Ikea bookcase


A mum got the last laugh when her prankster hubby used a photo of her striking a ‘seductive’ pose against an Ikea bookcase to advertise it for sale – when a cheeky buyer offered £4,000 for her.

Jess Lewington, 33, playfully lifted her leg and placed it on the oak-colored ‘Billy’ bookcase on Tuesday (April 12) while husband Matt Lewington tried to get a clear shot of it to flog on Facebook. After jokingly asking her to move, the furniture business owner finally got the picture of just the item he wanted to include in his listing for her.

But unknown to Jess, the 34-year-old prankster uploaded both snaps with the caption “Can be delivered!! P. S my wife thinks this photo will help sell the unit!” Within hours of the listing going live on a private Facebook seller group, the post went viral racking up almost 1,000 likes, shares and comments.

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Delighted social media users praised the duo for their sense of humour, branding postwoman cum part-time model Jess a ‘legend’ and thanking them for the ‘comedy gold’. But it seems that the advert tickled more than one user’s fancy with several people apparently inquiring if Jess comes with the furniture – leaving Jess ‘feeling like Beyoncé’.

Some admitted to only having interest in the model with one bloke with deep pockets offering to stump up £4,000. Despite the generous offer the couple say they’ve yet to get their hands on any cold hard cash and are still looking for a new home for the bookcase.

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Jess struck a ‘seductive’ pose against the bookcase

Jess, from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: “I don’t normally model in the furniture pictures. Matt was like ‘can you get out of the way I’m trying to take a photo’ so I jokingly made a pose and said ‘ go on take one like that, that’ll sell it’.

“Then he took a normal photo without me in it, which I thought was quite rude, and then posted it. He asked if I’d checked my Facebook messages as he’d put it online.

“I didn’t think anything of it and then I checked it and I was like ‘you are joking’. Before I could say to him to take it down it just went mental and I just thought ‘sod it we’ll just have some fun with it’.

“I feel like Beyoncé. It just makes me laugh. Part of me was like ‘take it down now, it’s just ridiculous’ but the other part of me found it funny. Seeing people comment ‘you’ve made my day’ made me think ‘that’s fair enough’ It’s harmless fun.”

The post Matt Lewington shared to a Facebook selling page

The bookcase, advertised for £80, was bought last year to house Matt’s extensive Lego collection. Jess said: “We’ve not had it long, less than a year. It had Matt’s Lego in it.

“We had a row putting it together. Putting together flat-pack furniture isn’t fun, especially when you’ve got Matt’s DIY skills. Lego’s quite expensive so he was like ‘there’s no point in me building it and not displaying it anywhere ‘ and I didn’t want it in the bedroom.

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“Apparently I don’t let him have any say on anything in the house so it was the one thing he was putting his foot down on so I let him have that one. Through his business he found another unit that he liked more so he just wanted to swap them over.”

Matt said: “I specialize in vintage furniture, this bookcase isn’t really part of what I do so just thought we’d have a bit of fun with it and have a laugh. One bloke offered £4,000.

“We’ve had no luck selling the bookcase yet but someone said he wants to come round at 10pm and have a look at it. I did think it was a bit of a strange time to come and look at a bookcase but we’ll see.”

Delighted social media users flooded the post with comments. One wrote: “People may wonder if the wife comes with the unit???” while a second commented: “I’d pay that just for the wife.”

One wrote: “Brilliant! It’s so refreshing to see someone having a bit of fun!” Another commented: “Fabulous! Best ad I’ve ever seen! You should double the price for entertainment value alone! Your wife is a legend!”

One added: “Jess do you also offer a stand up act up on collection? your comment threads have been absolute gold.” Meanwhile another joked: “I don’t even need the unit but I’ll give you a grand just because the photos have sold it to me! Jk I’m skint.”


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