PP, Vox and Cs accuse the Government of manufacturing an “INE a la carte”

The PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have accused the Government of “partisan control” of the institutions and of creating an “INE à la carte”in reference to the resignation of the president of the National Institute of Statistics, Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo, last Monday, to which the first vice-president of the Government and minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has responded that “no has pressured or stopped anyone.

Members of these three parties have referred to such resignation as “cessation” during his questions to Calviño in the government control session in Congress this Wednesday, while they have also accused the Executive of doing nothing to contain inflation.

“Since you don’t like the real data published by the INE, has forced the departure of the person who produces that datalooking for an INE ‘à la carte’, in the style of Tezanos’s CIS”, said PP deputy Jaime de Olano, alluding to the president of the Center for Sociological Research, José Félix Tezanos, whom the ‘popular’ people accuse of preparing polls that “only benefit the PSOE”.

Along the same lines, the Vox deputy in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has expressed himself, who has assured that as the Government “does not like the data, what it does is stop the one who presents the data”. “As there will not be many professionals willing to risk their prestige, they will end up placing any other Tezanos,” he has sentenced.

Espinosa de los Monteros accuses Calviño of pressure on the head of the INE: “They will place another Tezanos”

For his part, Edmundo Bal, from Cs, has accused Calviño of “iInvent a new “statistical” method to fit your political propaganda” and try to “hammer in a reality that only lives in their brains, but not in the pockets of the Spaniards”.

Bal accuses the Government of “assaulting institutions” and Calviño categorically denies it

Calviño defends that the Executive “supports the institutions”

In response to all of them, the vice-president has underlined the support of the Executive to the institutions and has denied any type of pressure or dismissal of a leader of an institution, as the opposition says.

“So that there is no doubt: I have neither pressured nor dismissed the leader of any independent institution,” Calviño said. “This is a government that respects and supports the institutions. I would ask you not to make jokes or criticize the officials or the workers of the CIS and the INE, which are two institutions that I have always respected and defended,” he added.

Also he has distanced himself from any criticism of the governor of the Bank of Spain stating that it is an institution with which she has “always” been “alienated”.

Criticism for inflation

But there has not only been criticism for the resignation of the president of the INE, but also for the economic crisis and for the inflation that continues to skyrocket. In this sense, Olano has asked Calviño to leave “his repertoire of excuses for him” and his “same mantras” about “Putin’s fault for everything”.

For Espinosa de los Monteros “the greatest burden for Spanish families” is the Government itself. Bal has pointed out that “nobody believes” the government’s measures or forecasts.

On this point, the Minister for Economic Affairs has replied that the Government is acting “quickly, effectively and fairly” and has insisted that the problem of inflation is “international” and that “it has been accelerated exponentially by the war (in Ukraine).”

In addition, it has been asked if the PP or Ciudadanos will support the Government’s latest anti-crisis measures that were approved last Saturday in an extraordinary Council of Ministers.


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