PP + Cs rejects in their entirety the budgets of the Basque Government, for being “far” from reality


Budgets of the CAV

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Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, regrets the lost “opportunity” to “strengthen” public services; PP + Cs considers that it is an “unreal” budget based on “outdated” economic forecasts and for VOX they are accounts to “continue the construction of the PNV’s national dream.”

The Basque Government and EH Bildu are going to continue negotiations to try to close an agreement on the budgets for 2022, which the other three opposition groups reject, which have presented both amendments to the entirety today.

Hours before the deadline for submitting amendments at noon, the spokesperson for eh Bildu in Parliament, Maddalen Iriarte, has announced that they were not going to request the return of the project to the Government as a sign of “sincere will for dialogue.” Decision thanked by the Lehendakari IƱigo Urkullu.

The rest of the opposition groups, Together We Can-IU, PP+Cs and Vox, have registered amendments to all that in no case will go ahead.

Miren Gorrotxategi, spokeswoman for Together We Can-IU, has regretted that the Basque Government has rejected the “opportunity” it had to “strengthen” public services, especially those of education and health, and is going to carry out some budgets of “social cut”, with a decrease of almost 30 million euros from the RGI, 5 million from the Social Emergency Aid and a cut to almost half of the covid fund, among other items.

Gorrotxategi has explained that his group requests the return of the budgets to the Government because they are “continuous, insufficient and ineffective” to face the current “historical challenge” and the crisis caused by the covid.

PP+Cs criticizes the existence of 1000 million euros in accumulated surpluses by the Autonomous Executive in recent years, while “year after year the figures for current spending skyrocket and investments are not executed.”

This group criticizes that the Basque Government rules out a tax reform that reduces the tax burden in Euskadi and considers it to be an “unreal” budget based on “outdated” economic forecasts, with a “voluntary exercise far from reality”.

Vox has also asked the return of the project to the Government because “they pretend to be accounts designed to continue advancing in the construction of the national dream of the PNV, which amplify the differences to mark the profile and distance with the nation to which this region belongs“.

In addition to the three amendments to the whole, opposition groups have tabled a number of partial allegations to the budgets, which will be debated once the first ones are rejected by the plenary session of Parliament.

Specifically, PP + Cs have registered 1469 partial and article amendments, EH Bildu 32 amendments, these with a total value of 118 million euros, and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, 197.

Vox has not presented partials and the groups that support the government, in addition to a joint amendment with EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU for the usual creation of a support game for the Saharawi people, have presented 5 of a marked technical nature.


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