Pontins guest says they’d ‘rather visit Chernobyl’ after walking into bathroom

Customers have been taking to TripAdvisor to warn other potential guests about the allegedly ‘filthy’ state of Pontins Brean Sands in Somerset, which has attracted 23 one-star reviews this year alone

One guest said they left the resort after a night as their children were left “in tears”

Recent visitors to a Pontins have slammed the resort as “vile” and “filthy”, with one guest saying they would “rather visit Chernobyl” in their TripAdvisor review.

Customers have been warning other potential guests about bad experiences they’ve had at Pontins Brean Sands in Somerset, calling it “disgusting”.

One guest said they left after staying for just one night after their children were left in tears while another shared that they would rather go to “Chernobyl” than this holiday resort, reports Somerset Live.

Those posts are just two of a number of scathing reviews for the holiday park since the start of the year. In 2022, the Pontins Brean Sands TripAdvisor page has received 30 reviews, 23 of which rated the establishment just one out of five.

Customers have been warning other potential guests about bad experiences they’ve had at Pontins Brean Sands



A slightly tongue in cheek review from disgruntled visitor Shaun in March 2022 reads: “I read the reviews, I thought it can’t be that bad – give it a go. It was that bad.

“It was clean on first inspection but once unpacked we realized it wasn’t. The beds were previously used for torture.

“Residue of long dead residents were available for DNA sampling if you were in training in forensics. Wiring jobs if you are an apprentice electrician.

“The bathroom was a ‘how not to do a bathroom’ sample in a large book on ‘how not to do things’. I’d rather visit Chernobyl.

“Granted sleep may come via radiation poisoning but sleep is sleep. Do not hire wheelchairs, because they have none.

“You have been warned. Don’t worry about covid but focus on a tetanus jab.”

One guest said ‘not to worry about Covid’ but instead ‘get a tetanus jab’


Hadyn Iball / North Wales Live)

Another angry holidaymaker, Emma, ​​wrote: “I can’t believe this site is still up and running. I booked a three-night stay and they didn’t provide duvets and pillows like they were supposed to.

“Reception was shut with shutters down and my kids were crying in the night because it was so cold. I put £35 on the electric for one night to use the electric heaters which did nothing.

“The electric meters aren’t right, they eat through the credit even when nothing is turned on! They delivered duvets the next day but we left as they couldn’t face another night.

“The accommodation was dirty and hadn’t been cleaned for a while. The cooker was filthy.

Another reviewer said the accommodation ‘hadn’t been cleaned for a while’ and the cooker had been left ‘filthy’



“It was all-round disgusting – the whole park is run-down and vile. They won’t give me money back as I didn’t get a form from reception but the reception was never open.”

Another fuming visitor, Neil, gave the resort a one-star review and wrote: “The chalets were stinking and dirty. The play area needs a serious upgrade, and you are lucky if the pool is open.

“The green area outside our accommodation was covered in litter, takeaway cartons and dirty nappies. The food is disgusting

“If you think the queue on arrival is a long wait until you see the one for complaints the following day. Management don’t give a toss.

“All in all this is a terrible place, my two youngest children asked to go home after two hours of being there. How this place is still open and how the Sun newspaper still offers it in the Sun Holidays is shocking.”

However, not everyone was disappointed. Another reviewer, SFB, said he was happy with his stay from him and “ca n’t understand what the fuss was about” after reading bad reviews, adding “you get what you pay for”.

He wrote: “I booked Pontins Brean Sands with my friend and our three children through Sun Holidays without checking the reviews. As it got closer I started to look at reviews and instantly regretted my decision.

“So we went fully prepared with a mop, bleach and antibacterial spray – we even took our own airbeds to put on the bed bases instead of sleeping directly on the mattress. I had major anxiety driving down but when we arrived and checked in I couldn’t ‘t understand what the fuss was about.

“I mean the chalets are VERY basic and definitely could do with a revamp or update, but ours was cleaned well enough. The only thing was the mattress stains but this didn’t affect us anyway as we took our own airbeds, duvets and pillows we even took our own plates and cutlery just in case.

“We paid £150 for four nights and it’s worth that but I wouldn’t be happy if I paid full price. The entertainment is so good at night-time with bingo and kids club and the staff are friendly. You get what you pay for.”

The Mirror has contacted Pontins Brean Sands for comment.

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