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On August 2, 1999, the Pontevedra City Council declared the pedestrianization of its degraded historic center, beginning its recovery, which has earned it international awards and more tourism, especially foreign tourism: in the last decade it has become the second urban destination that has grown the most in the province after Vigo; In 2019 it had 263,377 overnight stays, 13.6% more than in 2018. To enter its transformation is to walk through its charming squares, which are like the beads of a necklace of winding streets tangled in the inner city.

01. Convent and church of San Francisco

Plaza de la Ferrería

It is the center of the center of Pontevedra. La Ferrería is actually part of a set of three squares –together with the Estrella and Ourense squares– plus the Casto Sampedro gardens, crowned by the convent and the church of San Francisco.

The Fountain of the Ferrería, from the 16th century, and behind the convent and the church of San Francisco, in Pontevedra.
The Fountain of the Ferrería, from the 16th century, and behind the convent and the church of San Francisco, in Pontevedra. getty images

02. ‘I Love Galicia’

Count San Roman, 20

An evolved and different gift and souvenir shop, run by Guillermina Sogo, Argentina from La Pampa and galicia lover declared.

03. Pharmacy of Enrique Eiras

Count San Roman, 26

Opened in 1876, an iconic nineteenth-century apothecary still in operation

04. Bar The Marists

Vegetable Square, 5

The Plaza de la Verdura is the heart of the tapas bars and drinks, and a good epitome of the revitalized historical center of the Galician city. At number 5, the popular Os Maristas bar has reopened, closed since 2019, which carries tradition with modern touches as its flag.

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05. Castro Monteagudo, García Flórez and Fernández López buildings

Leña Square

Three of the six buildings of the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra, which were also its seed, are located in the Plaza de la Leña. They have been closed since 2014 awaiting a rehabilitation, in the style of the Parisian Louvre, which will make them grow underneath with a common basement, and which could begin in 2021. The City Council has just acquired the nearby convent of Santa Clara, which will probably be will incorporate as the new museum headquarters. After belonging for 750 years to the congregation of the Poor Clares, the idea of ​​the consistory is that as soon as possible one of the most unknown historical buildings and a fundamental part of the historical heritage of the city can be visited.

06. Pazo de los Gago and Montenegro

Teucro Square

An example of a noble house, with great heraldic wealth, in the very stately Plaza del Teucro.

07. Cao Library

Rúa Sarmiento, 10

The oldest bookstore in Pontevedra, and one of the oldest in Galicia, continues to be, more than 70 years after its opening, a family business. Works with used, rare, out of print and vintage books.

08. House of Muruáis

Méndez Núñez Square

Popularly known as the Casa del Arco, it dates from the 15th century and Admiral Méndez Núñez was born and died there.

09. Basilica of Santa María la Mayor

Santa Maria Square

This temple built in the first half of the 16th century in late Gothic style dominates, imposingly, an elongated square with a lot of mix: skateboarders, children on bikes and terraces.

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10. Pazo de Mugartegui

Quarry Plaza, 10

The Regulatory Council of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin has its headquarters in the Mugartegui pazo, built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the square of the same name, and which is known as La Pedreira because of the stone work, the work of stonemasons, what it looks like.

11. Gummy plant

Food Market

The vegetable, fish, seafood or meat stalls of the Pontevedra municipal market, on the banks of the River Lérez, are completed with a modern gastro-space on the first floor where some establishments offer to cook the products that their customers buy on the ground floor

12. Plaza de Curros Enríquez

There is a nostalgic charm in the vestiges of Pontevedra’s iconic shops, such as Droguería Moderna or Peral Moda, which have closed in recent years in this square dominated by cafes and fast food outlets.

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