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The 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be remembered in the history of Formula 1. When the rivalry and tension between Max Verstappen seemed to have already reached its zenith in the season, it turns out that no, one was about to be experienced in Asia. of the most dangerous and regrettable moments of the course.

The race was stopped several times by red flags. The pilots looked more like boxers than race drivers and it showed at every break they took, aided by their own leaders who advised them how to face the next battle. However, there was one driver who did not seem to care how and did not need anyone’s help to do one of the dirtiest tricks in memory in recent years that aroused the ire of Toto Wolf, head of the Mercedes team.

Max Verstappen was the protagonist of a braking mid-race that caused a serious accident for Lewis Hamilton during the last laps of a Grand Prix that has forever stained this season and especially the image of the Red Bull driver, who will play his first World Cup in Abu Dhabi. This is how Pedro de la Rosa and José Antonio Ponseti analyzed it in the ‘Carrusel Canalla’.

The dangerousness of the circuit

“The race was very exciting, I don’t know if the word was pretty. The circuit seemed like a churro to me … I don’t really know what they wanted to invent on this circuit. It seems to me to be a very ‘sketchy circuit,” says Ponseti .

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De la Rosa: “It is too fast for an urban circuit. It is a very small circuit. It is so easy to go off and crash that that is why we have seen two red flags and three exits.”

José Antonio Ponseti: “I am left with a mask drop, in case anyone had doubts. Verstappen has seen the duster, I think he is not good people … in this you compete and win, and you win with your weapons, but not being a ‘dodgy’, points a Ponseti very critical of the Red Bull driver, and then later point out the strange things that can happen in the next Grand Prix. “We have seen very strange things in Formula 1 … we have seen drivers who had to have an accident to be world champions, I do not rule out that something strange happens in the next race in Abu Dhabi because if he and Hamilton can be champion of the world…”

De la Rosa: “He has gone on many occasions with everything or nothing … It has been a bit excessive, he has been wrong, he has been too aggressive and in the end the show has been a bit sad because there has been too much contact between Hamilton and Verstappen. I don’t think he braked on purpose because otherwise they would take away his license. I was playing ‘I’ll give you the position, but at the next corner with DRS I’ll overtake you again.’ The rule wants you to give up the position, not to use it to overtake again. He did it wrong and his duster has been seen. “

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The minimum FIA penalty

Ponseti: “With the year we have been in and the sanctions we have seen, including Carlos Sainz, it seems difficult for me to understand this.”

De la Rosa: “I think the FIA ​​has been right, but such long decisions are an unlivable one. The immediacy is very clear.”


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