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Marilyn Manson, at the Oscar party organized by the magazine 'Vanity Fair' last February.
Marilyn Manson, at the Oscar party organized by the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ last February.DANNY MOLOSHOK (Reuters)

Los Angeles police entered Marilyn Manson’s home Monday morning seeking evidence in the ongoing case against the musician for sexual abuse and domestic violence. The authorities complied with a search warrant to enter the artist’s residence, in the Hollywood area. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was not at the scene, members of the county sheriff’s office reported Tuesday. Following the search, authorities left the property with hard drives, the Associated Press agency reported.

Manson, 52, has been under investigation since mid-February this year, when it became public that a woman, who has remained anonymous so far, accused him of sexual abuse and domestic violence. These incidents allegedly happened between 2009 and 2011 at the artist’s apartment in the West Hollywood area, a different property than the one that was tracked yesterday morning. The specialized office for victim assistance of the Department of sheriff from Los Angeles has been investigating the case for months, only one of the four facing the artist.

This accusation was preceded by the public testimony of Evan Rachel Wood, who was the girlfriend from 2007 to 2010 of the interpreter of The Beautiful People. She was 19 and he was 38. Wood said, also in February, in an Instagram post that he had been the victim of an abusive relationship in which he was “brainwashed and manipulated into submission.” “The fear of revenge, slander or blackmail is over. This is to expose this dangerous man and appeal to the many industries that have embraced him, before he ruins more lives, ”wrote the protagonist of Westworld, the HBO series. After the message, Loma Vista Recordings, Manson’s record company reported in a statement that they were ending their employment relationship with the musician and that they would stop promoting his work. Manson called his ex’s words a “horrible distortion of reality.” He has also denied, through lawyers, other accusations.

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Actress Esmé Bianco, who was Ros in Game of Thrones, went to federal court in April to file a complaint against Warner, whom he accused of sexual, physical and emotional abuse for bringing her in 2009 from England, where she is from, to the United States to star in the music video for I Want To Kill You Like They Do in the Movies, a song from the album High End Low. The promise was false, claims Bianco, who claims to have been locked in a room for four days where she was beaten with a whip and received electric shocks.

The lawsuit clarifies that after this both began a long-distance relationship between them. In 2011, Manson invited Bianco back to the country to star in Phantasmagoria, a film that he was going to direct and that did not materialize. The actress assures that on that visit the musician cut her with a Nazi knife that is part of Warner’s collection of objects from World War II. He also chased her around the apartment with an ax. “It took several years for Mrs. Bianco to understand the extent to which she had been the victim of physical, psychological, sexual and emotional abuse by Mr. Warner. His career suffered due to the deterioration of his mental health ”, reports the text.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood with singer Marilyn Manson, in a 2007 photo.
Actress Evan Rachel Wood with singer Marilyn Manson, in a 2007 photo.SCOTT WINTROW (AFP)

Manson’s lawyer, Howard King, assured that they will prove in court that this testimony is false. “This lawsuit was filed only because my client refused to yield to Bianco and his attorney, who were claiming an outrageous amount based on events that never occurred.”

Ashley Morgan Smithline is another of the complainants. The model assures in an interview with the newspaper Los Angeles Times who was brought in from Thailand with the promise of playing another role for Manson. The musician, she says, tied her up and penetrated without her consent. On another occasion he cut her with a knife on her shoulder and drew the letters MM on one of her thighs. This narrative has also been publicly disputed by Warner in June, who claimed that the relationship with Smithline lasted less than a week in 2010 and that the sayings contain “so many falsehoods that I would not know where to start.”

A judge decided in May this year to dismiss one of the lawsuits against Manson on the grounds that the alleged crime, committed in 2011, had prescribed. Most of the accusations against the musician date from the period between 2009 and 2011, which has served the musician’s lawyers to affirm that everything is due to an orchestrated plan of attack against his client.

Warner, originally from Ohio State, broke into the music world in the mid-1990s with Portrait of an American Family. His character was fabricated to shock, but he became an attractive figure to an audience that saw him as a claim to expression that clashed violently with the conservatism of the time. Great fame came to him in 1996 with his album Antichrist Superstar and later with Mechanical Animals, that made him a worldwide phenomenon.

These accusations reinforce something that has always been difficult to distinguish, the boundaries between Brian Warner and his character, who often portrays violent images against women in his songs. On The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, his memoir published in 1998 with journalist Neil Strauss, the artist claimed to have spit and tried to hang his mother when he was a teenager. He also described how he covered a deaf fan with meat to urinate on her in a recording studio. That same year, the director of the magazine Spin He sued him after the artist’s bodyguards beat him up. Manson was upset that he had not been offered the cover of an issue that was about to be published. The journalist and Warner reached a financial agreement and avoided a trial. Now it will be the courts that should shed some light on the legend of Marilyn Manson.

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