Podemos vindicates its role in Yolanda Díaz’s “broad front” | Spain

Yolanda Díaz, Mónica Oltra, Ada Colau, Mónica García and Fatima Hamed Hossain, surrounded by people at the act on Saturday in Valencia.
Yolanda Díaz, Mónica Oltra, Ada Colau, Mónica García and Fatima Hamed Hossain, surrounded by people at the act on Saturday in Valencia.Monica Torres

Two days late, the Podemos management has endorsed Yolanda Díaz’s act held in Valencia on Monday and has vindicated her role in the future political project outlined on Saturday. A meeting with other leftist leaders that served as a “starting gun”, in the words of the spokesperson for the formation Isa Serra, in the construction of a “broad front”. In the same way, Iglesias has referred in a radio intervention to the prominent role that the leaders of Podemos and Izquierda Unida should have in the platform led by Díaz and has asked all parties to be responsible.

“The important thing is to be there and promote the process,” said Serra, downplaying the absence of the party’s general secretary, Ione Belarra, or the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who were not invited to the meeting in Valencia. After the meeting of the vice president with the leader of Compromís, Mónica Oltra; the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau; the spokesperson for Más Madrid in the regional Assembly, Mónica García; and the Ceuta politician Fatima Hamed Hossain, the main leaders of Podemos, had kept silent.

The Secretaries of State Nacho Álvarez and Ángela Rodríguez were among the few who made their support explicit with a message on social networks during the weekend, but they did so, in any case, many hours after the event ended and even later than the founder of Más País and former member of Podemos, Íñigo Errejón. Serra has recognized that the meeting has generated “many expectations” and “hopes”. “A step taken by Yolanda Díaz in the direction of the construction of that broad front that also allows unity,” he said. “It allows us to agree with Compromís, Más País, Podemos, the PCE and, in that sense, we think that it is good news, that this is the path and that we are going to continue in that direction,” he added, while minimized the silence of the dome, assiduous of social networks. The spokeswoman added that she hopes that in the future there will be “more events”, implying that these new meetings should include representatives of Podemos, and has reiterated that “on numerous occasions” they have already expressed their support for Díaz.

The idea that the vice president is the candidate of the confederal space is at the base of the speech of the Belarra formation, which thus aims to remove the ghost of what happened with the former mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, who a few months from the municipalities of 2019 turned its back on Podemos to create with Errejón its own brand with which to compete in the elections. Pablo Iglesias alluded to that specific example yesterday. “There are those who are very determined to say to Podemos: ‘Look, it’s like Carmena.’ I think that is not knowing Yolanda, “said the former vice president of the Government in Rac1, before acknowledging that he would have” loved “to see Montero and Belarra in Valencia. “Not only because of the work they do, but because two women have been particularly attacked. But I think it makes no sense to feed any kind of internal controversy because that is devastating for UP ”. Regarding the vice president, Iglesias said that “you have to respect her.” “Yolanda decides who she goes out with, and when she goes out. I am convinced that she will know how to take care of a very wide political space “and, at the same time,” with many difficulties to weave alliances, “he warned. In its official speech, the formation is in favor of adding all possible political forces, including that of Errejón and its Madrid subsidiary, led by García in the Assembly, but the wounds with Podemos have not yet healed.

The former vice president has advocated for advancing as soon as possible in the process and vindicated the role of his party. “Everyone is clear that all the political formations and all the leaders who contribute Podemos, but also IU, are going to have to play an important role, and above all leave that closed soon because we are not going to win simply by adding different faces, different names or different acronyms, but being able to construct a speech that reillusions many people, talking about politics ”. For this task, the former leader of the formation left a message to his people. “That implies a lot of care, a lot of delicacy and that we are all responsible enough not to allow the weeds to be sown,” he concluded.

The vice president’s harmony with Oltra – organizer of Saturday’s event – and Colau had been evidenced in public a long time ago. The novelty of Valencia was fundamentally in the presence of Mónica García, who made explicit for the first time the commitment to unity with multiple allusions to Díaz’s project. “A demonstration that another policy is possible is what is happening today,” he said on stage. In an interview this Monday on Onda Cero, the spokesperson for Más Madrid described the meeting as “very beautiful, vibrant and emotional” and avoided arguing about the absence of Podemos leaders. In statements collected by Efe, García insisted that he has “his sights set on the regional elections” and on achieving an “alternative government” for the Community of Madrid and charged against the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, for referring to the conference as “Coven”. “He has nothing else to say,” he pointed out.

“The PP is quite clueless,” Yolanda Díaz answered during the morning. “Mr. Casado has not understood what is happening in Spain or the potential that women have in our country,” he reiterated after noting that the meeting on Saturday was not the official announcement of any platform. “It has been an act that has generated hope and that has outlined a project for a country that is different. But it is not about launching any political project, ”said Díaz, who assured that he is“ focused ”on government action, and specifically, on carrying out the repeal of Mariano Rajoy’s labor reform.

Ayuso charges against the encounter

For her part, the president of the Community of Madrid has criticized the meeting this Monday. “Now it turns out that the modernity they propose to us is living kidnapped under a burqa or the freedom of communism. The other policies that have made sex an instrument to justify its worth ”, he stated in the capital.

The general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, who, like Alberto Garzón, had already positioned himself on Saturday in favor of the meeting, once again supported the vice president at TVE, considering that the act represents “a very important step to expand the space politician of the left “, to add people, groups and parties from the” reality of United We Can “, which has a” vocation to expand. ” “We are all very happy,” said the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, who also tried to reduce the controversy over the absence of senior Podemos officials in Valencia. “You do not have to look for problems where there are none. Yolanda Díaz is the clearest representative of UP for all purposes ”.


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