Podemos, to Robles: “You know what you have to do for your dignity and that of the Government”


The spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Paul Echenique, has demanded responsibilities “at the highest level” for espionage through pegasus the Government and the independence movement and has thus addressed the Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles: “You know what you have to dofor their dignity and that of the Government”.

Echenique has thus addressed the minister during the Defense Commission this Wednesday, in which Oak trees has defended the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, that “he is having to stoically endure accusations that do not correspond with reality” as a result of the espionage through pegasus the Government and the independence movement, and has warned that “there may be errors, but there may not be fissures in the security of the State”. He has also criticized that accusations are made to the CNI when “it cannot defend itself” and has limited itself to the explanations that Esteban will give this Thursday in the Official Secrets Commission.

Echenique has warned that he, the voters of United We Can and also those of the PSOE leave “more concerned” of this commission because the ministerhas assured, “He has come to hide behind the Council of Ministers, the majority of honest agents of the CNI and the State Security Forces and Bodies and a very limited concept of democracy”.

United We Can has been demanding resignations for days for Pegasus espionage, although it has not directly indicated who it considers should cease. This time it has been clearer by addressing Robles directly.

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After a first speech by the minister, Echenique warned: “It seems clear to us that whatever the authorship of these very serious espionage it is inevitable that assume political responsibilities at the highest level”.

In his opinion, the situation has gone from “unbearable” when the espionage of independence leaders became known to directly “unsustainable” after the cases that affect the Government, whose seriousness is “practically unprecedented”. And it is that the aggressors, he has said, could have had access to “any confidential document that he received”, to his microphone and ambient sound of work meetings, conversations with other leaders or “intimate moments”. Even to medical reports or bank accounts.

He accuses Robles of “flagrant incompetence” and “abandonment of functions”

In his opinion, there are two hypotheses that the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has said, has not ruled out. The first, that of espionage from abroad and, the second, that of an “uncontrolled certificate of the secret services or of the Spanish State Security Forces and Corps”. The first, he has said, would reflect an “unacceptable inability to protect telecommunications” of Sánchez and national security. The second, he has added, would reveal “a flagrant incompetence or an absolute dereliction of duties when it comes to cleaning the sewers of the State.”

In his response to the parliamentary groups in a second speech, Oak trees has insisted that it is not “democratic” to make accusations against the CNI has been very critical of those who do it “without evidence” and in a “comfortable” way, emphasizing that only the Justice can prosecute criminal acts and that the CNI has secrecy in its actions.

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After this second intervention, Echenique has been more forceful in demanding responsibilities.

Oak treesfor his part, has made him ugly that “he has not found out” that the agenda for his appearance was for the Government’s Strategic Compass: “Perhaps he does not care what happens in Europe, but as a party that is within the government, you should be very concerned about it.”

He added besides that “their voters” (those of United We Can) “go away very calmly knowing that Spain is a serious and reliable ally that believes” in a Europe of rights, peace, freedom and security, priorities in which “any government and more a democratic one has to work”.


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