Podemos asks to investigate the attack by the extreme right on its headquarters in Cartagena as terrorism | Spain


Screenshot of the video in which the flames can be seen at the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena after the attack last April.
Screenshot of the video in which the flames can be seen at the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena after the attack last April.UNITED WE CAN (Europa Press)

Podemos has requested that the attack with a Molotov cocktail against its headquarters in Cartagena (Murcia), perpetrated last April, be classified as a possible terrorist act and the case be sent to the National Court. In an appeal filed on November 6 before the local court that instructs the investigation, the formation emphasizes that this violent action is part of a broader campaign by the extreme right to destabilize State institutions, after the Police have linked the main suspect, Francisco S., with fascist groups and with two attacks on a local United Left (IU) in León.

As stated in the party’s brief, to which EL PAÍS has had access, Podemos maintains that the investigations have revealed the existence of an authentic “criminal organization”; that “operates in various autonomous communities”; that “its purpose is to subvert the rule of law and the laws in force”; and that it has a “dangerous potential for action”. “The attacks have a clear intention: to destabilize the functioning of the political institutions of the State and seriously alter the public peace. In this case, by means of the method of threatening a part of the coalition government ”, the formation currently led by Ione Belarra is clinching.

At the beginning of last April, Podemos denounced the attack with a Molotov cocktail against its headquarters in Cartagena. “In this video you can see the attack by the extreme right, with explosive material, on a Podemos headquarters. The street terrorism of the ultras is not going to intimidate us. In front of the violent and their whitewashers: democracy, freedom of expression and social justice ”, wrote on Twitter the then leader of the political force, Pablo Iglesias.

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The investigation allowed to arrest last August the alleged perpetrator of the violent action, Francisco S., a twenty-year-old Spaniard who is attributed crimes of arson, an attack against the authority – since he resisted his arrest – and against fundamental rights and public liberties. The suspect was seized abundant Nazi and Franco material, such as books, flags and clothing. “Different knives and other blunt objects” were also intervened, such as “boxing fists, a dagger and a dagger,” according to sources in the investigations.

Later, when analyzing the content of his mobile phone, the investigators also linked the ultra with two attacks on the IU headquarters in San Andrés del Rabanedo (León), committed in the summer of 2020, when they broke the windows of the premises and made graffiti threatening such as “terrorist communists” or “baked”, along with swastikas and other neo-Nazi symbolism. Therefore, according to the letter from Podemos, the Cartagena instructor decided last November to send this part of the investigations to the courts of León, but the party opposes this initiative.

The leftist formation defends that, instead, the judge should refer the case to the National Court. According to his appeal, from the analysis of the mobile it is deduced that Francisco S. also participated in the “disturbances and attacks on agents of the authority that occurred in the city of Murcia” on October 31 and November 1, 2020: The purpose is to impose on the authorities the end of the hourly curfew decreed to safeguard public health by the covid and contribute to the illegal overthrow of the constitutionally elected government. These “disorders included the destruction of public furniture, the throwing of objects and the burning of various containers,” explains Podemos, who emphasizes: “In those events various pyrotechnic material was used to attack the agents, given the circumstance that the same material pyrotechnic was used in the attack on Podemos headquarters in Cartagena ”.

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The Police transfer the suspect of setting fire to the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena (Murcia), after his arrest.
The Police transfer the suspect of setting fire to the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena (Murcia), after his arrest.

The Police place the alleged perpetrator of the attack in the group that leads the extreme right in Murcia, Ultras Murcia 1908, as advanced eldiario.es. Investigators also link him to Lo Nuestro, a xenophobic group that operates in the Spanish Levante. “Under the protection of the actions of Francisco S. has been the group Bastion Frontal”, Apostille Podemos in his letter. Bastión Frontal is a fascist group that has been denounced by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for harassing young migrants.

Asked by EL PAÍS, Ángel Luis Hernández, secretary of the Podemos Organization in Murcia, pointed out: “All these attacks are not isolated events, but are part of a criminal structure of the extreme right.” Javier Sánchez, coordinator of the party in the region and deputy in Congress, added: “The attack on the Podemos Cartagena headquarters is not punctual. That headquarters was already in the crosshairs of the extreme right with graffiti, glass breakage and threats to militants of the formation. In this context, the April attack had the clear intention of intimidating a democratic organization, as evidenced by the conversations found on the investigated mobile phone. If we add to that the fact that the same author would have also attacked an IU headquarters in León, everything points to an extreme right that is moving from hate speech to organized violence. “

In other European countries, measures have already been taken against extreme right-wing “terrorism”. The German Prosecutor’s Office sat 11 members of the ultra Gruppe S organization last April, to whom it attributes the intention of “shaking and, ultimately, overthrowing the State and social order” in the country. The public prosecutor accuses them of planning large-scale attacks and attacks against politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims.


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