Podemos and Izquierda Unida join forces to participate together in the elections in Castilla y León | Spain

The secretary general of Podemos in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández and Lilith Verstrynge, secretary of organization, at the Podemos State Citizen Assembly, last June.
The secretary general of Podemos in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández and Lilith Verstrynge, secretary of organization, at the Podemos State Citizen Assembly, last June.Ricardo Rubio (Europa Press)

The voters of Castilla y León will have a United We Can ballot in the early elections on February 13. Podemos and Izquierda Unida (IU) have announced this Monday that they have agreed to attend together in a traditionally conservative voting community and in which in 2019, in the last elections, to which both formations attended separately, only two attorneys from the 81 in contention. Both, from Podemos, and one of them, by León, obtained by a minimal margin after several recounts and contribution of the foreign vote. The entente comes after a pact sealed weeks ago, but whose announcement has been delayed due to tensions between the parties. The parties must still call primaries, in which Pablo Fernández, the maximum regional leader of Podemos, a parliamentarian in the Cortes and national spokesman for his formation, could be promoted as head of the list.

Polls predict a difficult scenario for this brand in Castilla y León, which will fight to keep and try to increase its two representatives in Parliament. The last appointment with the polls would have won them another seat if they had attended together, because in Valladolid, Podemos obtained 13,872 votes compared to 12,043 for IU, a total of almost 26,000 votes that would have surpassed the more than 20,000 for Vox, which obtained a seat. , and the 17,000 that gave the PSOE the last representative at stake. The party led by Ione Belarra and IU will be joined by Alianza Verde, an environmental force created by the national deputy Juantxo López de Uralde.

The confirmation of the pact came on December 30, eight days after the leader of IU, Juan Gascón, confirmed to EL PAÍS these long-standing intentions. Gascón affirms that this delay has been caused by “internal circumstances of the formations” that have been combined with “differences on how to obtain better results” and have required more conversations to consolidate that “political will that represents all the forces”. Confluence negotiations have included debates such as the logo on the ballots, admits Gascón, who accepts the “divergent positions and the political culture of each organization” that have finally resulted in this unprecedented confluence with which he aspires to help generate “An inclusive country project.” The role of the first vice president, Yolanda Díaz, will be important to show that “depopulation and inaction of the Board to create employment.”

The agreement signed between both groups implies that Podemos candidates will head the lists of Valladolid, León, Zamora, Soria and Salamanca while representatives of IU will do so in Burgos, Segovia, Palencia and Ávila, as EL PAÍS has learned. This has been one of the issues, along with aspects such as the denomination of the coalition, that have marked the disagreements in the days prior to initiating the understanding.

The polls and internal forecasts at United We Can show unflattering forecasts and very far from the best recent result of the parties to the left of the PSOE; In 2015 Podemos, in full effervescence, achieved 10 attorneys, and IU, another. Of the 2019 elections, in which the Socialists were the most voted force, they finally settled with a coalition government of PP and Citizens, both brands obtained poor results that they will try to re-float within a little more than a month, in the elections. February 13.

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