Plenary session in the Parliament of Catalonia on January 27, 2020: Torra cannot vote



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While the Parliamentary Board assumes the disqualification of Torra, he asks the president of the Chamber to defend his rights as a deputy and to respect the popular will.

The President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, has warned the president of the Generalitat, Quim Roast, at the beginning of the plenary session this Monday, that your vote cannot be counted, so as not to compromise the validity of the decisions of the Catalan Chamber.

Before starting the plenary session, Roger Torrent pointed out that the rulings of the Central Electoral Board and the Supreme Court, which have asked to withdraw the act from Torra, convicted of disobedience, is “unjustifiable”, but has defended that he has to protect the whole of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Hours before, the secretary general of the Parliament, Xavier Muro, had instructed the services of the Chamber to withdraw the status of deputy to Quim Torra.

He has asked to speak, which has been granted to him as president of the Generalitat, and has demanded that Torrent defend his rights as a deputy. In addition, he has demanded that the Chamber reverse his disqualification, warning that if he does not do so “he will put the institutions at risk.”

“I appeal to all the deputies to reverse this irregularity, this illegal act, immediately. If this is not the case, they will put the continuity of the institutions at risk,” explained Torra, in a speech in plenary asserting the prerogative of the President of the Executive to intervene when he deems it appropriate.

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“The popular will goes before everything: let’s respect it, whatever the cost”, has stated Torra.

“I expressly ask President Torrent to guarantee my rights as a deputy as he has always done, and especially on January 10, and I appeal to all deputies for this Parliament to reverse this irregularity, this illegal act,” he added.

“It is already good to ignore the word of the citizens: I am a deputy and president of Catalonia, and only the plenary session of this Parliament can change this situation “, has wielded Torra, who has defended in this sense that the secretary general of the chamber, Xavier Muro,” does not have the powers to do so “.

At the beginning of the plenary session, Roger Torrent had verified that the fact that Torra had lost his act as a deputy did not entail the loss of his condition as president of the Generalitat. Torra has reproached that he had not been informed of his disqualification, and that he went out to defend his rights.

Citizens call Torra a “delinquent”

After the intervention of Quim Torra, Roger Torrent has suspended the plenary session for a few minutes, after a clash with the leader of Cs in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, and the rest of the deputies of the orange party whom he has called to order for having qualified to Torra as a “delinquent”.

During Roldán’s intervention in response to Torra, who was not present in the hemicycle at that time, he referred to the head of the Catalan Executive as a “delinquent”; Torrent has called him to order for “slandering”, and has asked him not to use this expression.

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Roldán has defended that Torra is condemned by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), for which he is “a criminal with all the letters”, and, when Torrent told him that he was calling her to order for the second time, the rest of the deputies Citizens have risen from their seats applauding and shouting “delinquent.”

Given this, Torrent has called the entire group of Citizens to order, but the deputies of the orange party have continued shouting “delinquent”, and the president of the Chamber has decided to suspend the plenary session after having warned that he would do so if they did not leave of “proferir slanders” against Torra.

After this decision, the president of Ciudadanos, Carlos Carrizosa, has faced Torrent, and subsequently practically all the deputies have left the hemicycle, except those of Ciudadanos.

JxCat does not vote and the Parliament rejects the Budgets

Once the disqualification of Torra was consummated, JxCat has resigned to vote in plenary session and this has caused the Parliament’s Budgets to have been rejected for the first time since the reestablishment of this institution.

In solidarity with Torra, the president of the JxCat group, Albert Batet, has announced that his formation was renouncing to vote on the Budget of the Parliament, and that the person who had to present the accounts, who is the first vice-president Josep Costa, also resigned to present them before the full.

JxCat had agreed two weeks ago the Budgets of the Parliament with the Citizens group and with the PP and this allowed to approve them in a meeting of the enlarged Table, although ERC, PSC and the CUP abstained, and the commons voted against.

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Subsequently, however, JxCat expressed its willingness to modify the Budgets to try to reach a consensus with ERC, and this has already altered the majority necessary to move them forward.

Finally, the House Budgets have been rejected today in a vote that registered zero votes in favor, 16 against (Commons, CUP and PP) and 82 abstentions (Cs, ERC and PSC).

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