Platforms, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Oscar Awards in pandemic, year II. The world’s most impactful film awards nominate again tomorrow, February 8 (at 2:18 p.m. live on while the sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation: platform films are preparing to assault once and for all the bastion of Hollywood’s greatest brilliance while the adult films from the studios have not found their audience in theaters.

Just one fact: Netflix aspires to place three films (The power of the dog, don’t look upY Tick, Tick… Boom!) among the nominees for best picture, something that had not happened since United Artists achieved it in 1976 (it is true that with the pre-2010 formula of only five finalist films).

But, in addition, among the favorites is be the Ricardos (Amazon), The tragedy of Macbeth Y CODA (Apple tv) and two Warner films that were released simultaneously in the US in theaters and HBO Max (dunes Y Williams method). Of the group of winning films in the awards season, only Belfast, Licorice Pizza Y West Side Story refer to the traditional system of theatrical releases.

Options the good boss, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Alberto Iglesias

the good bossfrom Fernando Leon de Aranoais in the group of 15 films that opt ​​for one of the five nominations for best international film, although it is not a favorite in one of the most difficult categories: Drive my car, It was the hand of God, A hero, The worst person in the world Y flee They leave little room for surprise.

The best Spanish options are in the interpretation categories. Penelope Cruz appears in the favorite quintet for his role in parallel mothers, for which she already won the Volpi Cup for best actress in Venice. The actress was previously nominated for Best Leading Actress for Return in 2007 and has chosen twice as secondary: Nine (2010) and Vicky Cristina Barcelonafor which he won the statuette in 2009.

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Similar situation for Javier Bardem, who accumulates nominations throughout the awards season for his role as Lucille Ball’s husband in be the Ricardos. It would also be the fourth nomination for the actor, the third as a leading man (before dark, 2001; Y beautiful2011), after the Oscar as secondary that he achieved in 2008 for It is not a country for old men.

Fourth time finalist would also be the composer Alberto Iglesiaswhich could add a nomination for parallel mothers to those who already had The loyal gardener (2005), kites in the sky (2007) and The mole (2011).

Even Pedro Almodovar may be nominated for Best Original Screenplay for parallel mothers, category in which the American media place him as the sixth favorite, which would repeat the situation of 2003, when the Manchego was nominated for best screenplay for Talk to her without having been previously selected by the Spanish Film Academy.

In addition, the expectations are maximum in the short film categories: Distancesfrom Susan Bejarpassed the previous cut in fiction and aspires to be part of the illustrious list of Spaniards nominated in this category: Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Borja Cobeaga, Javier Fesser, Nacho Vigalondo, Juanjo Giménez or Esteban Crespo. Alberto Mielgo directs windshield wiper, a Spanish-American co-production also shortlisted in the animation category. Lastly, the Spanish Maite Zubiaurre is co-director, co-producer and co-writer of the American documentary short film Eaglesalso preselected.

Favorites for best address

The progressive expansion and internationalization of members of the Hollywood Academy, which contributed to the success of parasites in 2019, it may also help Japan’s Ryûsuke Hamaguchi earn a nomination for best directing for drive my carfollowing in the footsteps of Thomas Vinterberg (Another round) or Pawel Pawlikowski (cold war) in previous years.

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But the big favorite is Jane Campionfor him dog powerwho could succeed Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) and add a third directing Oscar for a woman. The other possible candidates are Kenneth branagh (Belfast), Adam McKay (don’t look up), Denis Villeneuve (dunes), Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza) Y steven spielberg (West Side Story).

Favorites for best actress

All the specialized media place Penelope Cruz on the verge of nomination in a very open category. Only Lady Gaga (the gucci house) has been consistently nominated in award season.

Nicole Kidman (be the Ricardos) Y Olivia Coleman (the dark daughter) seemed the best placed, but they were left out of the BAFTAs last week. And something similar can be said of Kristen Stewartwho started as the favorite for months for her role as Lady Di in spencerbut failed to win the votes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Jessica Chastainfor her role as a televangelist on Tammy Faye’s eyescomplete the sextet with more options

Favorites for Best Actor

The nominations seem certain for benedict cumberbatch (the power of the dog), Andrew Andrew Garfield (Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!) Y Will Smith (Williams method), who have been in all previous significant elections.

Denzel Washington (The tragedy of Macbeth) It is an Oscar history and could achieve its ninth nomination, equaling Paul Newman, Al Pacino and Spencer Tracy in third place in the ranking.

The fifth place is the one that is disputed Javier Bardem (that has the endorsement of his nomination in the awards of the actors’ union) with Leonardo Dicaprio (don’t look up) or even an 11-year-old child-actor Jude Hill (Belfast).

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