Pile of rubbish in back garden so big it’s visible on Google Earth

Angela and Kevin O’Donnell attempted to discuss the problem with the tenant living at the council house, but have never been able to get someone to answer the door

Angela and Kevin O’Donnell say their neighbor’s rubbish pile was ‘stinking’

A pile of rubbish left in a back garden is so big it’s visible on Google Earth.

The huge pile of waste has been left to fester and is attracting vermin in addition to its disgusting stench.

Angela and Kevin O’Donnell have attempted to discuss the problem with the tenant living at the council house, reports the Birmingham Mail.

They have never been able to get an answer from the door and are so rarely concerned that the occupant might be dead inside.

The couple have complained to Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency every week but claim nothing has been done.

Angela and Kevin O’Donnell own the property next door to the mound of rubbish


Angela O’Donnell)

Fortunately, the stinking pile of rubbish was removed on Friday after it was publicized.

Angela said: “There have been reports of rats coming up to the door, along with pigeons and all sorts of seagulls.

“The smell is not nice either. It’s depressing. The neighbors have gone to the council too.”

Angela and Kevin, who said they had not seen the tenant next door for at least two years, bought the house they own from the council and rent it out.

The couple live in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, with their ten-year-old son.

The huge festering mound of rubbish at the next door property


Angela O’Donnell)

Latest images on Google Earth showed the rubbish mound dispersed across the back garden of the maisonette, which was pictured sandwiched by tidy gardens on either side.

Angela, a 45-year-old mortgage advisor, confirmed she had tried to get in touch with the tenant.

They were also concerned as they had not seen the occupant of the neighboring property who had not been seen for weeks.

The pile of rubbish was so big it’s visible on Google Earth


Google Maps)

Yet the pile of rubbish remained and was not removed by the local authority sparking concerns about rats and hygiene.

It led to fears something had happened to the owner of the property.

She said: “It’s strange, we looked through the window once as I was concerned they had passed away, and the next day a bottle of milk had moved.

The couple tried for weeks to get the rubbish moved and complained to their local authority


Angela O’Donnell)

“The situation has got worse. I consider this a welfare matter – but so should the council.”

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “Birmingham City Council apologizes for the distress this situation has caused.

“We have been liaising with the tenant to help them clear their garden as we are aware of the impact this is having on neighbours.

“As part of this ongoing support we have cleared the garden today and will be working with the tenant to ensure it remains clear.”

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