Piers Morgan says he was offered huge wad of cash to fake his death in shark bait stunt

Piers Morgan has spoken out about how he was once offered a huge amount of cash if he was willing to fake his own death surrounded by sharks

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Kate Garraway quizzed by Piers about former boyfriend

Piers Morgan has revealed that he was once offered a massive sum in exchange for faking his own death.

In his latest column for the Daily Mail, Piers reflected on the time that he was offered an undisclosed sum of money to stay quiet as news circulated of his death.

In what he called his ‘worst job offer’, Piers let readers know that he was offered £100,000 to appear on Celebrity Shark Bait.

The premise of the TV special being that stars are taken to a South African sea that is filled with deadly Great White sharks.

They would then be lowered inside of a cage, which would in theory keep them safe.

Piers was offered an additional amount of money to remain silent while the world assumed him dead


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Piers did not take the deal


David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Piers asked what would happen in the event that the cage managed to break open and he claimed the response he got from the people behind the special was “Great TV!”.

The 56-year-old broadcaster then admitted that he was “promised an even larger large cheque” if he were to fake his own death and see how the world took the news.

He claimed that the production company had told him: “This needs to be very hush-hush, and obviously, certain people would need to know . . .”

Piers predicted there would be a lack of tributes in the event of his death



Piers joked that he could imagine how the world would receive his passing, with a general lack of sympathy.

He wrote: “I can imagine the BBC News headline now: ‘Tributes failed to pour in last night . . .’”

Piers often makes headlines after finding himself in very public disagreements with a wide variety of celebrities.

He was recently scolded by Kate Garraway for attempting to tease information about past relationships from her.

Kate, 54, is happily married to Derek Draper, also 54, who has had a very public battle with Covid-19.

Piers doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions



Piers grilled Kate about her past relationships, after she’d hinted about dating an undisclosed “performer” in her book.

She confirmed that the “musician of sorts” is now quite famous, but refused to discuss him further.

When Piers found out that the former flame was now in the public eye he leapt at the chance to find out more.

But Kate quickly shut him down, saying: “I’m not talking about it.”

Kate Garraway refused to confirm who her famous ex is

The mother-of-two did confirm that the performer had broken up with her, with her saying that she was “always” dumped by her partners.

She confirmed that her current husband Derek is the only one to not give up on her.

Speaking on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, she said: “I think Derek is the only person I’ve ever been out with that hasn’t dumped me.”

Piers seemed surprised as she continued: “I’ve always been dumped, I’ve never ended a relationship.”

She even went on to confirm that her past relationships were ‘in double figures’.

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