Petrified boy, 5, refuses to go to the toilet as bathroom infested with massive slugs

Rebecca Macdonald said her son was petrified of going to the toilet after the family’s bathroom underwent renovations to fix a leak now has a slug infestation

Mum Rebecca MacDonald has an infestation of slugs in her bathroom

A mum has told how her five-year-old son is refusing to go to the toilet as her bathroom is infested with massive slugs.

Mum-of-two Rebecca Macdonald, from Glasgow, has said her autistic son, Alexander, is living in fear of his own home because of a major slug issue.

The family’s bathroom underwent renovations to fix a leak but now has an infestation of slugs, the Daily Record reported.

The home is managed by Queen’s Cross Housing Association, which says it is working to fix the issue after being notified in March.

Rebecca, who is a full-time carer to Alexander, said her son was petrified of the slugs and had begun bedwetting because he didn’t want to go in the bathroom.

Her son refused to go in the family’s bathroom due to the slugs


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The 25-year-old said: “He is now at a stage where he is wetting himself at night-time because he doesn’t go into the bathroom.

“It”s really hard to see him kind of going back like that because of the house.

“It’s really hard for him as he hates all creatures and stuff like that.

“So, getting up during the night to go to the toilet and finds slugs in the bathroom, he point-blank refuses to use the toilet.

“I’m having to pick them up and put them down the toilet pan or move them so my wee boy can go into the toilet.

“I’m also waking up during the night and the first time I went in I stepped on one, it was horrible.”

Rebecca said the issue began in January 2021 and she had spoken to her GP because of the stress caused.

Rebecca is a full-time carer to her autistic son, Alexander


Newsquest / SWNS)

Shortly after the works, Rebecca started seeing slugs crawling all over her bathroom fixtures and floor.

She said the housing association recently visited the property, after which more leaks were fixed and any holes sealed.

However, after claiming to see another 10-12 slugs at the weekend, she called her GP.

Rebecca said: “I just spoke to my doctor about this as well because it’s stressing me out, constantly having to argue with my housing association and not getting anywhere with them.

“My wee girl is only two, so she’s at a stage where she wants to pick them up and I have to keep an eye on her.

“They are massive as well. I’m sending pictures and videos to the housing association.

“They told me to put salt down in my bathroom, which I’ve done and it has done nothing to keep them at bay.”

Jim Williams, maintenance manager at Queen’s Cross Housing Association, said: “We first knew about this problem in the property at the end of March and carried out an inspection that week.

“At that point we couldn’t see signs of slugs.

“When Ms Macdonald reported the problem to us again this month, we arranged another inspection to try to identify the cause of the problem.

“This is an unusual situation but we are currently working with Ms Macdonald to try and resolve this issue to everyone’s satisfaction.”

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