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The president Pedro Castillo and the president of the Congress María del Carmen Alva, last July.
The president Pedro Castillo and the president of the Congress María del Carmen Alva, last July.KAREL NAVARRO (AFP)

The Congresses of Peru and Spain discussed on Thursday two motions on the controversy caused by the statements of the president of the Peruvian Parliament, María del Carmen Alva, about the Government of Pedro Castillo in the Foreign Commission of the Spanish Congress at the beginning of the month. Deputies of the PSOE and United We Can assured that Alva spoke in “worrying and shocking” terms against the democratically elected government, while a representative of Vox said that Alva linked members of the Executive “with terrorist groups”, but that his words were ” cordial, true and polite ”. She denied any inappropriate phrase in Madrid.

The parliamentary majority, opposed to the Castillo government, approved in Lima a motion to reject the “coordinated attacks by the extreme left of Peru and Spain” against the official. While in the Foreign Affairs Commission, in Spain, a non-law proposal (NLP) was approved to support the Executive of the Andean country with 19 votes in favor and 14 against. The NLP relating to the “defense of the popular will and democratic institutions in Peru” was presented on December 3 by the confederal parliamentary group of Unidos Podemos, En Comú Podem and Galicia en Común, two days after the deputies’ meeting. with the president of the Congress of Peru.

On Friday the 10th, the weekly Hildebrandt en sus trece published that Alva had questioned the Government of the former magisterial leader in the meeting with the Foreign Commission in Madrid and released a fragment of a conversation on WhatsApp between PSOE deputy Noemí Villagrasa and a third party, to whom he commented on NLP and Alva’s words. “The president of the commission, the vice president and the secretary, even the spokespersons, feel very violated by the tone that the president of the Peruvian Congress was bringing. We have never seen such a situation, not even with undemocratic countries. Meetings between parliaments always take place in terms of cooperation, collaboration, twinning ”, said the representative for Zaragoza. Villagrasa indicated that the motion asked “the Government of Spain to support the institutionality of Peru and to continue cooperating on democracy in the country.”

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The same day, in an interview on TV Peru, state television, another of the participants in the meeting, the deputy for Podemos Antón Gómez-Reino described as “frankly worrying and shocking” the intervention of the leader of the Peruvian Congress in “terms of democratic questioning ”of the government that came to power in July.

The same channel transmitted an audio sent by the office of the president of the Peruvian Congress, with the version of the events of the deputy for Vox Víctor Gonzales, another of those who participated in the meeting with Alva in Madrid. “(The president of the Parliament) explained the situation in Peru, how the Government of Peru had presented two different cabinets and that Congress had approved, despite the fact that some of the ministers did not like them due to their criminal or corrupt antecedents, or associations with terrorist groups. Even so, they had voted in favor to guarantee the governability of Peru ”, was the version of the deputy of the Spanish extreme right. The newspaper The Republic reported Sunday – citing testimonies obtained off the record– that Alva used, in his meeting with the Spanish deputies, the phrases “government of terrorists”, “uneducated ministers” and “confessed murderers” when referring to the Executive.

The Foreign Ministry then requested a formal report from the acting head of the Peruvian Embassy in Spain, who attended almost all the meetings with Alva, except some dinners with Vox parliamentarians. The report by the official Eduardo del Solar, leaked by two media in Lima this Thursday, confirms that the president of Parliament criticized the Castillo government. According to the diplomat, Alva argued that a bill by the Executive on the issue of trust “does not establish an adequate balance of powers,” and rejected that political groups promote the convening of a Constituent Assembly. The Peruvian president offered during the electoral campaign – as one of his main promises – a new Constitution so that education and health are fundamental rights, and not just services.

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Guillermo Bermejo, a congressman from the party with which Castillo came to power, Peru Libre, presented this week a motion of censure against the president of the Peruvian parliament, for delegitimizing the government abroad. In the plenary session on Thursday, the motion was rejected by 83 votes, including some from his own bench. Next, the parliamentarian of the far-right Avanza País Adriana Tudela proposed a motion to support Alva and reject the “coordinated attacks by the Peruvian and Spanish far-left” against the president of Congress. The proposal was approved with 73 votes in favor, 36 against and four abstentions. Alva left his seat to return to the seat on the congressional board with a previously written message, in which he thanked the accolade.

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