Pensioner threatened with debt collectors after energy bill rockets from £120 to £4,600

Phyllis Kennedy says her energy bill has shot up from £120 a month to £4,600. The total per year of £55,200 is more than four times her annual income on a state pension

Phyllis Kennedy is stunned by the huge energy bill

A pensioner has described her shock after her energy bill shot up from £120 a month to £4,600.

Mum-of-three Phyllis Kennedy, 73, says the total per year of £55,200 is more than four times her annual income.

She lives on a state pension of £12,000 in a modest three-bedroom bungalow in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Phyllis, who is a widow, is with Scottish Power and says she has now been threatened with debt collectors if she doesn’t pay the massive bill.

She said the stress of the situation has had a massive impact on her life.

The huge bill comes after Ofgem hiked its price cap for someone with typical use by almost £700 last month.

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Phyllis said her energy bill has gone up to £4,600 a month



She is now being threatened with debt collectors



Phyllis said: “I moved into the house in October and it went from £120 per month to being told it was £4,600 per month in March.

“It’s a small three-bedroom bungalow and I don’t understand how anyone could think I should be paying £4,600 a month. It’s insane.

“They are still saying the readings are more than £4,000.

Phyllis received an email from Scottish Power in March to say her bills would be going up by £500 a year.

But on April 5 she got a text from the energy firm stating her latest bill was for £4,606.

She has called and emailed Scottish Power as well as sent pictures of her meter reading through the online chat, but said they are insisting the bill is correct.

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On April 19 she paid £100 towards the huge bill but is worried her power will be switched off.

Phyllis said: “It jumped from £120 per month to £4,600 and it is very worrying when you get a text like that with a bill.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with Scottish Power but I’m not tech savvy.

“They said I felt a smart meter reading in and it’s £4,600 a month.

“I have sent photos, but they are insisting the bill is correct and that I owe £4,600.

“I phoned up and said ‘What’s happening, I haven’t got £4,600’ and they said it is now in the hands of the debt collectors.

“They said if I paid something they would put the debt collectors on hold, so I paid £100.

“This has been going on for a month now, and I am worried they are going to turn off my power or debt collectors will turn up at my door.

Phyllis said the smart meter was taken off a wall by engineers in March and said she thinks it may have caused a glitch.

The Mirror has contacted Scottish Power for comment.

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