Pedro Sánchez blesses Scholz’s pact with the “true liberals”: “Those from Spain only look to the right” | Spain


The new leader of the Galician Socialists, Valentín González Formoso, this Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela with Pedro Sánchez.
The new leader of the Galician Socialists, Valentín González Formoso, this Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela with Pedro Sánchez.ÓSCAR CORRAL (EL PAÍS)

The inauguration of Olaf Scholz, the chancellor who has returned control of Germany to the Social Democrats after 16 years of and Merkel, has caught the President of the Government of Spain and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, in Galicia, where his party has been unable to end 12 years, at the moment, of it was Feijóo. The act of proclamation of the new leader of the Galician socialists, Valentín González Formoso, this Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela has served Sánchez to vigorously defend the benefits of social democratic policies to get out of the crossroads of the pandemic and to say that it places to his executive coalition with United We Can “at the forefront” in Europe. He maintains that Scholz, whom he has congratulated through Twitter, has agreed, in addition to the Greens, with whom he has called “true liberals”: “Not like the ones we have here, who only look to the right.”

The German alliance has been built, Sánchez stressed, debating measures such as the minimum vital income, the revaluation of pensions or the equalization of wages between men and women. “They have talked about what we have been doing for three years in the Government of Spain, we are the vanguard”, the “mirror in which other European countries look at themselves,” the socialist proclaimed in reference to his coalition with United We Can. The Spanish president argues that the right wing does not recognize his successes because he draws a Spain “in his image and likeness: sad, without ideas and bankrupt.” And he has launched a promise: “We will once again be an example of vaccination with children.”

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Sánchez has argued that the Social Democrats “better govern the economy” and guarantee a “faster and fairer recovery from the crisis.” “With the right it is not only slower, it is also more unfair and with corruption, when here what there is is an exemplary government,” he pointed out, before responding to those who criticize his pacts with other parties of the parliamentary arch that have signed them. “To raise the minimum wage or revalue pensions.” “The question is why others have taken down these agreements,” he added.

The secretary general of the PSOE has blessed this Wednesday in Santiago the new leader of the Galician Socialists. Formoso has announced that it will work for a “constructive” PSdeG and has offered “three major agreements” on innovation, industry and public services to the president of the Xunta and the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “I have healthy envy for the opposition that Valentin exercises,” Sánchez confessed.


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