Passenger slams Heathrow for ‘unacceptable Covid risk’ with people ‘jammed like sardines’

A passenger shared a video on Twitter and claims that passengers were forced to queue for three hours

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Video shows ‘three hour’ queues at Heathrow Airport

A passenger has slammed Heathrow Airport for being an ‘unacceptable Covid risk’ with crowds being ‘jammed in like sardines.’

The person, who requested not to be named, shared a video of the long queues for non-EU travellers this morning.

It is claimed that there were three-hour long queues at border control which made the environment unsafe, MyLondon reports.

The footage shows lenghty queues on the non-EU side of border control at the airport, while the EU arrivals appear to have barely any wait.

The passenger, who arrived from Singapore and would travel every two months to the UK for business and holidays before the pandemic, Tweeted: “Heathrow and UK create unacceptable Covid risk for non-EU travellers.

Passengers have voiced their anger over long queues at the airport



“No lines for EU on one side while there is a two-hour line in cramped unsafe conditions right next to it. Shameful!”

When MyLondon reached out, the person revealed that the wait had ended up at three hours from 7-10am.

They said that when they complained to airport staff, the staff “couldn’t be bothered to intervene”.

They added: “When I complained (twice) the answer was – oh we can’t do anything about it.

“I said why don’t you shift some of the traffic to the EU officers? The answer was I can’t decide.

“So I said call your supervisor. But then he said oh he’s too busy.”

The passenger said that everyone was wearing masks but people in the queues were “jammed in like sardines”.

The news comes after passengers were left stranded in Gatwick airport last month after the NHS Covid pass app went down.

Chuck Adolphy was looking forward to jetting off to Slovenia with his girlfriend when their hopes were shattered when he couldn’t access the NHS app and he missed his flight.

He described the afternoon at Gatwick Airport as a “shambles” after he said EasyJet turned him away without his Covid pass, despite showing his vaccine card.

Earlier in September, frustrated travellers were stuck in long lines at Manchester Airport, where passengers were met with scenes of luggage piled up on conveyor belts and floors.

Pictures showed hundreds of passengers lined up in huge, snaking queues as they waited at border control for Covid checks at the airport’s new Terminal 2.

Photos also showed luggage and suitcases overflowing from the conveyor belts and becoming strewn across the floor at arrivals.

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