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Ah-ah-Aphrodite-ta. If one has heard gutting history of the Greek goddess, it is impossible not to pronounce her name while singing it. In the penultimate video on the YouTube channel of Pascu and Rodri —Álvaro Pascual, 32, and Rodrigo Septién, 31—, Olympus wiggles to a techno rhythm with verses like “this is Cronos and he has cut off the god Uranus’s balls” , or “Aphrodite Ares drives her crazy”, until the tremendous finale: “Infinite party!”. It has 26 million views. Poseidon, 43. Zeus, 61. A virality that allows the couple from Madrid (entertainer and musician) to live from their parody videos on mythology, fill Wizink live and publish books with Penguin Random House. In the spring they plan a tour of Mexico.

Ask. I live with two children. I hate them.

Easter. Are they car fans? Of those who put our songs on a loop? We always apologize to parents. Sorry!

P. Do you have children in mind?

Rodrigo. Clear. But we don’t make songs for children, we make them with our sense of humor, we try to make them for all audiences, although some outrage slips through. Among the almost five million subscribers of the channel, there are more people from 18 to 24.

P. You met at school.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Rodrigo. We were 12 or 13 years old, we would get together during the patio in the music room. we rode skits by Les Luthiers to present at the cultural week. Basically, we dedicated ourselves to what we did at recess.

P. How about being the geeks of the school?

Rodrigo. We avoided the cool ones, those who played soccer, we were 100% geeks. We were united by Pokémon, Star Wars, [los videojuegos] Warhammer Y world of warcraft, We were fans of musicals… We had a good time, I never felt that they made us bullying, but wow, people did say “here go the geeks”. I was also the piano boy who accompanied the girls at concerts.

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Easter. I the repeater who drew at all hours. We carried it with great honor, but it did hurt me a little to be marginalized…

Rodrigo. But then we got on stage and we were so cheeky that they enjoyed it, it wasn’t like in the movies, where they’re going to hit the losers later. They laughed, even if they didn’t admit it.

P. And now, triumphing… It’s the perfect ending to the revenge of the nerds!

Easter. I like to think that those who used to be cool know us, “ha, ha, the geeks”, well look, people love what we do.

P. The series for when?

Rodrigo. We have had conversations with producers, but we have not found the perfect partner. We are very cautious, in order to have a large distribution you have to go through some hoop, but we do not want to do it lightly.

P. Virality does not appear suddenly, they have been working on their brand for years.

Rodrigo. five together with gutting historyand before that I was three others with the channel, doing covers, musicals, skit, trying things… It was almost like a professional business card. I had about 100,000 subscribers, the best month gave me 400 euros, the normal was 100. I dedicated 80% of my time to it, at home they already told me why not find me a little job. Normal. But I wanted to create something original, so I put together some savings and asked Pascu if we really tried it. He was not convinced that we were going to have a success that we could live on, but he was very excited.

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P. Your videos have evolved a lot, did you learn as you go?

Easter. It is the luck of not depending on anyone. Being on YouTube has allowed me to go from making stick figures on a blackboard to animating a Zeus all muscled. I’ve been trained along the way, if at any point this ends, I won’t be just the youtuber that went viral.

Rodrigo. The themes have also evolved from a more musical style to being songs. songs, we saw that it was what worked: an easier framework, more catchy… Our composition is not such a sentimental process as that of a singer-songwriter or an artist who is telling you about their experiences, we take a story, look for a reference and compose in a way that more mathematics, orderly, now come the chorus and make it super catchy, now the melodies…

P. why does it sound Zeus to Rick Astley and Hades to Imagine Dragons?

Rodrigo. Hades is a badass guy and he needed something heavy; Zeus something sexy…And who doesn’t like Rick Astley?

Easter. Other times they are joke connections, demeter she has a Pink style because she has pink hair; for Poseidon, the reference was Aqua, for obvious reasons. (Rodri) And if we make a roll BabyShark? It is the most viewed theme on YouTube 10,000 million!

P. Parents would never forgive him! Are your personal musical tastes of his that eclectic?

Rodrigo. I am classiccar, what I listen to the most is Elton John, at 14 and now.

Easter. I am pretty metalhead, but for a few years I’ve only been listening to eighties pop: Phil Collins, Genesis, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson… Men at Work are incredible. Without fear of the tacky!

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P. What would they be if they had been born before YouTube?

Rodrigo. I cannot compare how we would have achieved in another time what we have achieved. I think we would have found a place on TV, but I don’t know if it would have been easier or more difficult. I would like to think that we would have been like Les Luthiers, but I think we would have been more like Cruz and Raya.

Easter. I think it would be more of a theater, nobody would have let me pick up a pencil without training.

P. Do they get along as well as it seems?

Easter. There is even fan fiction erotic about our relationship at school, they call us Rosco, What Brangelina! Internet stuff. The truth is that we complement each other very well, I am the chaos and Rodri, the order.

Rodrigo. In ten years we have only argued once and it was due to an absurd misunderstanding that ended with a few laughs. But even if we were attracted to men, as a romantic partner we would be incompatible.

P. What if they were Greek gods?

Easter. Rodri would be Hades, roll I’m here to my things leave me alone, and I Hermes, from top to bottom, more moved.

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