Parents giving away £200k home for just £1 to lucky winner for incredible reason – Adam Thwaites

My wife and I want to help disabled children experience as much joy as our little girl – that’s why we’re raffling off our family home, writes Adam Thwaites

“Something about the idea made us fall in love with it”

We weren’t sure what reaction we’d get when we announced we were raffling off our family home for £1 – but our friends and family – even strangers – have been hugely supportive.

My wife Liz and I have been thinking of selling our home for a while as we want to move closer to family, work and our daughter Emily’s nursery, and we’ve always felt a little pull whenever we see other property competitions. Something about the idea made us fall in love with it.

What’s more, there have been loads of people using the opportunity to raise money for charities that meant something to them.

Liz works at Grace House, a charity providing short breaks for disabled children, and I was talking to the Registered Manager one day about their need for a wheelchair-accessible swing.

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Adam and Liz with their little girl Emily, who loves playing on the swings in their local park


Adam Thwaites)

Emily loves the swings in the park so much, it made me feel sad that not everyone has the opportunity to have a go on them.

After a bit of googling we saw these swings cost around £13,000. I put two and two together, and Liz and I decided that we should go for it and try to raffle off our home, enabling us to move, letting someone win an amazing prize in time for Christmas, and also raising funds for Grace House.

The charity aims to enrich the lives of disabled children, young people, and their families in the local area by offering short breaks for disabled children, counselling, family activities, youth groups, and much more. It’s very close to our hearts.

The Thwaites are raffling off their three-bed home for £1 a ticket

Our beautiful house in South Tyneside has three bedrooms, two storeys and a garden. It’s close to a big park and only eight minutes drive from the nearest beach. And you won’t have to pay any property transport fees as that’ll all be done for you.

If we sell all 200,000 raffle tickets, one lucky winner will be waking up on Christmas Day with the deeds to our house. And Grace House will be getting a £50,000 donation for that special swing.

I asked Liz for her input into this piece and she laughed: “It’s a crazy idea to put your home up for raffle instead of just selling it the conventional way but Adam convinced me it would be a good idea. It was very important to us that we did something special with the extra money we could raise. Working in Grace House I see where the money goes and having that extra cash means we can do more for the kids and young people we have.

The spacious family home is in South Tyneside

“A wheelchair-accessible swing has been on our wish list for a while but because it’s so expensive it’s never been achievable but this time we could really try and get it for the kids.”

So what would you do if you won our house for £1? Live mortgage- and rent-free? Rent it out for extra income? Sell it – or maybe be inspired by us and give it to charity? There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there…

To take part in Adam and Liz’s raffle, go to for the T&Cs.

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