Parents face backlash after sharing list of strict rules for visiting their baby


A couple have sparked a debate after revealing some of the “rules” they have set for guests who come to see their newborn baby.

In a post shared on the January 27 Reddit Thread, “Am I The A**hole,” a 33-year-old mom, @u/No_Letter_1344, who just had her son last Christmas day, revealed a list of rules that she and her husband have as guests in their home.

He noted that they made the list in October and sent it out to everyone they knew.

First of all, guests must be “up to date on all vaccinations” and if they feel unwell, they should not come to visit us.

The mother also explained that her friends have to give her at least a week’s notice when they want to come visit.

“Non-smokers,” the list says. “No phone calls or visitors are allowed between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.”

Friends can only stay “one hour” and can’t pick up this couple’s baby “without consent.” Nor can they give any advice to parents or enter the house with “perfume / deodorant”.

“No means no”. the post continues. “We are not going to explain why. You can’t take pictures or post them on social media.”

The mother also does not want visitors to come empty-handed.

“If you visit the first time, you are expected to give mom (me) a gift card and a baby gift from our approved list,” she wrote.

“Before you come, no matter how many times, you will be given a list of foods or groceries to bring with you AND a task for a list of your choice.”

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Each person can only come a maximum of twice a week.

After explaining this list, the mother noted that her 20-year-old sister, who was in law school, wanted to visit the baby but couldn’t afford to bring a gift.

The law student offered to do extra homework for her, but her sister and brother-in-law said she couldn’t make it.

“My husband and I talked about it and came to a decision that if we bent the rules for one person, everyone would want the same treatment,” the mother explained.

The parents then received several text messages from other family members after this incident, many of which were “meaningful.” [them] To use [their] child as a robbery of money”. In response, the husband said that it was just her rules. He told her parents that they were in a “time out and blocked them.”

The Reddit post has over 11,800 upvotes so far, with many users in the comments claiming that the parents were the jerks in this situation.

“Your rules went from 0 to 60,” wrote one. “Like smoking and vaccinations, yes. But gift cards and chores? The law is strong with this one.”

Other people sympathized with the mother’s sister in this sister, one of whom said, “She was willing to do extra work that she shouldn’t have done… and was denied because she didn’t give them mom’s damn gift card… Oh!”

“The fact that [the sister] she was willing to abide by those rules if she could afford it, like she was willing to ignore the insanity of those rules and offer to clean the whole house because she really wanted to see the baby,” wrote another.

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“The cruelty of [the Reddit poster] and husband to say no to that because that means other people wouldn’t spend $80 on a visit. My God.”

Many people in the comments emphasized how strange it seems for these parents to have these rules in place.

“What kind of greedy people are you?” a comment is read. “I thought you were going to say that you wouldn’t make exceptions for visits before the baby is healthy enough or something. Are you charging people to see your baby? That’s so weird.”

the independent has contacted @u/No_Letter_1344 for comment.


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