Parents blast £2.99 Home Bargains Easter item as ‘ridiculous’

Budget retailer Home Bargains has landed itself in hot water with parents over an Easter themed item that has been slammed as “ridiculous”.

The product in question is an Easter Eve Box and it comes complete with a variety of themed goodies which includes an “egg hunt” set, a basket and a mask.

The box has been made to be enjoyed by kids the night before Easter, it is a very similar idea to the viral Christmas Eve Box trend which started a few years ago, and it doesn’t look like a trend that is about to kick off any time soon.

The anger was sparked after shopper Debbie Chambers shared a snap of the £2.99 Easter Eve Box to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook, reports The Manchester Evening News.

Many parents were quick to slam the box as another way for retailers to make money out of parents during a popular holiday for kids.

Louise Garrahan commented: “Bloody ridiculous!!! What next…halloween eve?? There is a special magic on Christmas eve, retailers should just respect that.”

Emma L Berry smoked: “When I was growing up I received some easter eggs, this is a ridiculous idea.

The anger was sparked after one parent shared the product online
The anger was sparked after one parent shared the product online

“The sad thing is shops have forgotten what some occasions are for.

“For some people Easter is an extremely special, religious day- I admire people with this faith, it is not something to be insulted by throwing money at it.”

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Nicola Price-Herbert slammed: “This is ridiculous- first it’s Christmas Eve boxes, now Easter Eve boxes.

“Poor mums just feel like they have to keep up – it all costs money. A simple egg hunt and a simple Easter egg is enough.

Many parents slammed the retailer for milking money out off the holiday
Many parents slammed the retailer for milking money out off the holiday

“Make an Easter garden from soil, leaves and grass – free and fun. Paint some boiled eggs for breakfast. Please Mums & Grannies, don’t get sucked in.”

Susan Buckmaster said: “Surely all these ‘eve’ boxes just detract from the joy of the actual day? Or maybe it’s been too long since I was a child!”

Emma McNeil commented: “Easter Eve!! Clearly it’s the shops that start these “trends” to make even more cash out of a commercialized holiday. A choc egg on Sunday my kids. Xx”

Greta Mctier argued: “There is no such day as Easter eve. There’s good Friday Easter Sunday Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday. Just another expense for parents who are already struggling.

Not all of the response was negative, as quite a few parents were more complimentary and thought the Easter Eve Box was a good way to “keep the magic alive” for kids.

“With all the negativity these past years I’m loving this idea keeps the littles happy and the magic alive x”, said Sarah Jane.

Abbie White said: “I personally love it and think it’s a lovely idea. If people want to be extra at certain times in the year for certain occasions, so what?!

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Let them carry on, if it doesn’t affect you leave it go, and if you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

While Zoë Danielle agreed: “Yeah, all the negative Nancy’s on here seem right boring and miserable people.”

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