Paisley man who sent vile videos to ’14-year-old’ put on Sex Offender’s Register

A Paisley pervert who sent vile videos to who he thought was a 14-year-old girl claimed the comments he received boosted his self-esteem.

Using an app called Kik, Stephen McAloney, of Hillman Road, sent four naked shots of his groin to an undercover police officer who was acting as a teenager called Daisy.

Creepy McAloney, 47, also sent “Daisy” two videos of him pleasuring himself, stating he knew what he was doing was wrong but he “got excited.”

Sheriff Brian Mohan called for background reports on McAloney which concluded the married man’s self-esteem was boosted by the comments made by ‘Daisy.’

Now the pervert has been made subject of the Sex Offender’s Register for three years.

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Prosecutor David McDonald previously told Paisley Sheriff Court: “On May 11, 2020, police received intelligence that a Kik user of the name PaisleyGuy1974 was involved in various online conversations with what appeared to be 14-year-olds.

“There was no further engagement until July 1, 2020, when an undercover police officer created an account using the name Daisy. It was noted by the officer the Kik profile name can’t be changed but the display name can be.

“PaisleyGuy1974 was identified as the accused and he changed his display name on various occasions with it being changed to Stephen on an occasion.

“From July 1 onwards, chat logs between the undercover police officer and the accused show that the decoy states she was 14 years old.

“The accused said he was 45 and from Scotland. Despite Daisy’s age, the accused continued talking, with him stating, ‘I’ll be nice then,’-due to Daisy’s age.

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“Early in the conversation McAloney sent a picture of his arm in a sling and through a small gap, his tribal tattoos could be seen.

“Throughout the chat, the accused called Daisy ‘Miss Mayhem’.

“The conversation was inappropriate but not criminal with the accused stating how attractive she was and so on.

“On July 10, the accused Daisy, ‘Why don’t you have a boyfriend, you’re asked really pretty.’

“The conversation continued and the accused sent a picture of his penis.

“Daisy replied, ‘Oh my God hehe, are they all that big?’

“McAloney sent another picture of his penis and then a third image.

“The conversation continued and the accused sent a video of himself masturbating and then a fourth image. The accused then sends a further video of him masturbating.”

“McAloney then states ‘I shouldn’t have felt that as it was wrong of me, I just got excited.’ He then said it was ‘too risky.’

“The last communication was a number of days later but nothing of a sexual nature.”

The court heard that on December 18 police officers attended McAloney’s Paisley home with a search warrant when his wife was at home.

Cops arrested vile McAloney and took him to Greenock police station for interview.

Mr McDonald told the court: “The accused spoke freely during interview and accepted he had conversation with Daisy and that he had sent indecent images and moving images of him masturbating.”

Defense agent Gemma Elder explained McAloney’s mind had been clouded by booze.

Ms Elder said: “Alcohol was consumed when this offense was committed and it may have had a significant impact on his thought process.

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“He has had poor mental health problems and he has expressed remorse and disgust in himself that he finds himself in this situation at 47.

“It was a moment of madness and now Mr McAloney has to pay the price for that.”

On sentencing, Sheriff Brian Mohan said: “Undercover police officers engage in this work to protect children from the behavior you engaged in.

“Fortunately no real child was harmed in this incident.

“The most notable point in the report is that you began searching the internet, looking and receiving comments that helped your self-esteem not realizing the offense you committed at the time.”

In addition to being put on the Register, McAloney was placed under supervision for three years with a conduct requirement to carry out the ‘Moving Forward Making Changes Programme’ and ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work within the community within 12 months.

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