Pablo Motos’ plea to the rise of COVID: “Don’t wait for the politicians to save us” | Television on Cadena SER


Given the explosion of infections on the eve of Christmas, communities are already asking to take measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will meet with the regional presidents this Wednesday to study joint measures for the next few days. The situation is increasingly worrying and this Monday the incidence has exceeded 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Some communities such as Catalonia have decided to impose restrictions and from the early hours of Thursday to Friday the nightlife will close, it will reduce capacity in hotels, gyms and theaters, and will ask the Justice for the endorsement of the COVID passport.

For all this, the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’, Pablo Motos, wanted to start the program by making a statement about the risk of contagion due to the rapid expansion of the omicron variant and has asked the population to take measures and protect themselves because they come hard weeks. “I want to talk about COVID for a second and I don’t want to do it as a presenter of a program that gives information. I just want to tell you how I feel personally, how I feel as a guide in this situation where the information is confusing,” he started.

“I have told my family not to come on Christmas Eve”

Motos has assured that this wave will be “the worst of all in terms of infections and it will reach us all.” “Since the middle of last week all the people around me are falling like rats. Filming is stopping, televisions are in frame, I have a lot of famous friends who have caught it. Today Nadal and two of the guests that we have this week will have to do the interview by videoconference because they have also captured it, “he said to illustrate the dramatic situation.

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“The team from El Hormiguero that we have not tested positive for months and we do tests every week, this morning eight have fallen. Of course we have taken all the appropriate security measures,” he revealed. “I had planned to go to Paris this holiday season and I have canceled it. I have told my family not to come on Christmas Eve. I am telling you this to put you in what situation we are in,” he confessed.

“Do not wait for the prohibitions to arrive and protect yourselves”

The presenter pointed out that this variant “is just as contagious as measles, which is one of the most contagious viruses we have.” “This virus multiplies the infections by two every 36 hours. This means that as we are going in two or three weeks, hospitals could begin to collapse, not ICUs, but normal activity will be blocked and the rest of activities will be suspended Then there are the quarantines and the children who come from school and put all families in check, “he said.

Motos alluded to the meeting that Sánchez will have with the regional presidents on Wednesday. “He is going to meet the day after tomorrow without haste with the presidents to see if they reach a common strategy so that they do not penalize any of them individually politically so as not to lose in the polls. So what I want to tell you is that you do not wait until Let them save us. Do not wait for the prohibitions to arrive if there are any and protect yourselves, and if you catch it, tell everyone and protect others, “he asked.

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“I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not a wave, it is a tsunami, and we all have to put ourselves on our guard again even if it gives us anguish,” he stressed, although he has invited the population to enjoy “with what we it remains, because there is much to enjoy and we can be happy with less. ” “So we are going to accept the situation and this will happen the same as the others have,” he concluded his plea.


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