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The popular people come to say that there comes a time when the leader of the opposition, of a government party such as the Popular Party, has to write a “what the hell” in the diary of sessions of Congress. What’s more, they say in Genoa that there will be versions of the “what the hell” of this week’s plenary session because their strategy for the coming months and for the 2022 election is to toughen Pablo Casado’s profile, present him as a “determined”, “firm” leader , “with a voice that makes itself heard”, in short, strengthen himself as leader of the opposition. January 7 is the second anniversary of the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and what they have assumed in the Government and in Ferraz is that this is what remains: “There is no going back beyond some tactical movement. Vox is very strong and the PP is not going to leave the radicalism “, they think in the socialist barracks.

“We have not transferred a tension, we transferred a reality and a vibrant and intense control session because we want answers,” explains the popular spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, who thus justifies that Casado crowned his intervention on Wednesday in plenary by pulling an expletive. In the seats of the PSOE there were those who did not understand that Pedro Sánchez answered him. A person who has had a lot of relevance in the socialist ranks is clear: “In those situations you have to cut your losses and not participate. It was not necessary to have answered. We cannot naturalize that,” he explains with concern.

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But the “aggressiveness” of the popular that the PSOE denounces is not limited to the dialectical clash in public. The PP has promoted this Thursday a campaign on social networks to air a tense conversation between Pablo Casado and Nadia Calviño, the economic vice president, just after the plenary session of “what the fuck”, in an act in which they accompanied the king. The details of that crossing of reproaches are told The confidential, but what is really striking is that the PP is the main interested in knowing the details of that private conversation between the number two of the Government and the leader of the opposition. “The most elementary bridges and the possibility of having a civilized conversation are blown up”, laments a historical PSOE.

What is happening plenary session after plenary session in Congress during this term surprises many in the chamber and beyond. It surprises the members of the Table, who scoff at calling for order and decorum without many of their lordships taking for granted. There is no compliance with most of the appeals of the authority in the Chamber and there is not the slightest intention of redirecting the situation: President Meritxell Batet has made interventions at different times warning of the deterioration of the parliamentary coexistence but, time and again , have fallen on deaf ears.

“There have never been so many parties and, above all, with such force in the extremes,” analyze socialist sources, who see that the extreme right “makes profitable” the breakdown of consensus and also many pro-independence deputies subscribed to fighting in the hemicycle .

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The episodes of tension in the Chamber are not new, but there are ministers from the governments of Felipe González and Rodríguez Zapatero who acknowledge that they have never seen an opposition of this type: “I don’t remember the current level.” “Then there was contention on certain issues and harshness was at odds with personal insult,” explains a former González minister. And he delves into the reflection: “Aznar asked Anasagasti about how many deaths will be necessary for you to condemn terrorism. It was shocking. Casado has now used the” what the hell has to happen “and has mixed pedophilia and linguistic immersion. The intervention was extremely harsh but rigorous in parliament. The Casado thing has been more of Esteso than of a father of the country. “

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