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The national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has shown his support today for the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, involved in recent days in the controversy over the decision of the investigating court number 2 of Salamanca to accuse the president of the PP of Salamanca, Javier Iglesias, his manager, Isabel Sánchez, and the party itself -as a legal entity- as alleged authors of illegal financing in the framework of the 2017 primaries that led to the election as an autonomous candidate of the PP of the current president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

In the car, dated yesterday Wednesday, the judge sees rational indications of the alleged commission of this crime through anonymous donations that served to pay back fees for members of the PP, so that they could participate in the primaries, so that calls to testify to those investigated on December 30.

Pablo Casado has offered Mañueco all the support of the national leadership “to continue doing what you are doing.” Casado has also reached out again to the Government to agree on a pandemic law that is “very simple, with a paragraph” that establishes “what are the limitations that can be made to avoid contagions and that in any case, of course, they will depend on the Justice if they are appealed “.

In a sense, he wondered “how is it possible” that this rule does not exist, “after a year and a half of suffering this terrible pandemic, after having had to see how 120,000 compatriots died from a damn virus, without being able to say goodbye to their families and without being recognized from the official statistics by this Government that has not stopped lying and taking erroneous and late measures “.

“How is it possible that we reach the sixth wave and they have not deigned to make a pandemic law to protect health and also to respect the freedoms of Spaniards?” Asked Casado during his speech this Saturday at the meeting of provincial and island presidents of the PP held in León. “Where does your arrogance, responsibility and incompetence go?”

Casado criticizes the “lack of response from the Government” to the new variant

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has censored “the lack of response” of the Government to the new variant of the coronavirus called omicron and that has put “the world economy and health in check”, and worries more about “talking about Netflix in Catalan “or that” children in Navarra see drawings in Basque “.

“If the vaccines have been given by Europe and the fight against COVID is done by the autonomies, why do the Minister of Health and the President of the Government charge a salary?” “Now that we have other European countries confining themselves, what do we say to the autonomies, to the Spaniards who are planning their Christmas dinners, to meet with their loved ones after these two tremendous years?”, He lamented.

The leader of the PP has thus criticized the “irresponsibility” of the Government before the concern arisen by the new variant that yesterday “has taken ahead” the world stock markets.

About Spanish classes in Catalonia

It has made its senators available again in the event that the Generalitat “declares itself in absentia” and does not comply with the Supreme Court ruling that imposes 25 percent of the classes in Spanish. However, “the Government is not going to do anything to ensure that it is fulfilled,” Casado has spoiled, who has warned the Executive that “if it does not do so, it may be prevaricating for partisan interests.”

In his opinion, the negotiation of the General State Budgets “have gone to disintegrate the common language” and not only, they have also served to finish “whitewashing Bildu” as a government partner. “There is a dramatic thing, and that is that the batasunos are terrorists but they never lied, and they are not lying when they say that they are negotiating impunity for ETA members,” he warned.

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