Owner left crying with laughter at dramatic dog’s reaction when dinner is late

Two-year-old Alfie, a Staffordshire bull terrier, impatiently demands his dinner from his owner – and claws at the bowl at high speed when it’s even a few minute late

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Demanding dog paws his food and water bowls when empty

A ‘diva’ dog isn’t afraid of letting his owner know he expects his dinner served on time – as he ‘dramatically’ paws at his food bowl in a frenzy whenever it is a few minutes late.

When Lizzie Colden forgets to feed two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Alfie on time, she claims he potters into the kitchen and begins clawing at his bowl at high speed to warn her he’s hungry.

The 28-year-old claims she is often left crying with laughter at the ‘crazy’ dog who gets up to mischief all the time – unlike his laidback furry sister Ayra, five.

In clips shared on TikTok to 15,800 followers, Alfie repeatedly bangs his food and water bowls to impatiently demand food, with many viewers claiming the hilarious pooch made their day.

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Owner Lizzie Colden with her dogs


Kennedy News and Media)

Alfie knows when his dinner is even a few minutes late


Kennedy News and Media)

Lizzie, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: “Alfie’s very dramatic. He’s a massive diva.

“This happens when I don’t feed him on exactly the right time. He does this quite often. He’s always doing something a bit crazy.

“He’ll bang his bowl really dramatically when he wants food, even though he’s fed regularly already. He’s got a water bowl and he’ll do it to that as well.

“If his water bowl is empty and you fill up his food, he’ll hit his water bowl too and that’ll make a real clang. He’ll do it to both.

“He’s getting up to mischief all the time. In the videos, I’m crying laughing at him.”

Business consultant Lizzie claims the ‘funny’ Staffie has a completely different temperament to her calmer dog Ayra, who makes her an ‘angel’.

Lizzie said: “You’ll say ‘what do you want Alfie’ and he’ll run off and bang on the bowls.

“We always laugh that Alfie’s the nutter and Ayra’s the angel. She’s a lot calmer. She’s the yin to Alfie’s yang.

“He’s got quite a lot of fans on TikTok because he’s just a bit nutty. He’s got a really funny little character.

“Alfie has some real fans that comment on every video. They’ve made little names for him and comment every time.

“They all think he’s a nutter and say ‘oh, I love Alfie. He’s really funny.’

“It’s really nice and actually, there’s a couple of people who’ve been saying ‘I’ve been having a really tough time and your video really cheered me up’.”

On TikTok, Alfie’s fans even joked he would be leaving a bad review for his owner online – while one claimed her ribs were hurting after laughing so much.

One social media user said: “Me when I’m hungry.”

Another said: “I’m literally cracking up tears in my eyes ribs are hurting. He definitely knows how to get his point across.”

Another of Alfie’s admirers said: “You know he’s going to leave a bad review on Yelp.”

A dog owner added: “What a funny goober. Alfie made my morning so happy.”

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