Osakidetza detects 220 cases of the omicron variant in the Basque Country



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The data has been revealed by the Health Minister, Gotzone Sagardui, during his appearance in the Basque Parliament. The opposition has demanded preventive measures and has questioned the effectiveness of the COVID certificate.


Gotzone Sagardui

Osakidetza has so far detected 220 cases of the omicron variant in the Basque Autonomous Community (CAV), as reported this Monday by the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui. The head of health has appeared at the request of the groups in the Health Committee of the Basque Parliament to report on the epidemiological situation as well as answer questions from parliamentary groups.

The new variant of the virus is gaining ground to the rest, since the two hundred cases reported today by the counselor contrast with the only six first cases of less than a week ago. To date, this variant is responsible for a third of the infections in the Basque Country, as Sagardui has admitted.

The counselor has also advanced the data of the main indicators of the pandemic: there are 324 hospitalized people and 105 critical patients in ICUs. Furthermore, the cumulative incidence rate in 14 days now reaches 1,179 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to Sagardui, “we are faced with the consequences of the last holiday bridge (…) The pandemic has not improved at all, contagion levels have skyrocketed, traffic to hospitals is increasing and it is not seen that in the short term that the trend is going to change. “

Faced with this scenario, he has shown his “great concern for the upcoming festivities” and has made known the recommendations for Christmas that the technical LABI has elaborated: it recommends not meeting more than 10 people (from two living units) and avoiding sharing “dishes, hugs and actions that can release aerosols such as singing.”

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He also stated that the “only good news today is given by the vaccination“In this regard, he has reported that Osakidetza will open tomorrow, Tuesday, appointments for the administration of the third dose for people between 55 and 59 years old. In addition, it has revealed that almost 80% of people over 60 have a third prick Regarding childhood vaccination, it has said that 15,269 boys and girls have received the first dose, 8% of the group aged 5-11 years.

The opposition calls for more preventive measures

After the explanations and data provided by the counselor, the representatives of parliamentary groups have taken the floor, in order from smallest to largest. The opposition has demanded more preventive measures and has questioned the effectiveness of the covid passport. The parties that make up the government (PNV and PSE-EE), for their part, have shown their support for the management carried out and have denounced “criticism for criticism” by the rest of the political forces.

Amaia Martínez (Vox) has been against the covid passport although favorable to vaccination, “but from freedom.” “It has been shown that the passport does not regulate or control infections,” he argued.

Laura Garrido (PP+Cs), for its part, has delved into the situation that exists in schools and within families due to the explosion of cases. He has criticized that there is no unified criterion for action by Osakidetza and that the families are having many problems of conciliation.

From Together We Can-IU, Jon Hernández, has considered that the Basque Government is not taking “enough measures” and that those that have been taken have been done “slowly”. According to Hernández, “too much focus is being placed on the covid passport.”

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Para Rebecca Ubera (eh Bildu) preventive measures are lacking, and not so much “restrictive measures”. The representative of the sovereign coalition has affirmed that the covid passport “is not a useful tool” and has doubted its impact on vaccination.


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