Osakidetza activates the third level of its ICU contingency plan





306 people are on the ward and 99 are in the ICU. 2508 new infections have been detected and the cumulative incidence in 14 days has risen to 1083 cases. The Lehendakari has asked to limit family Christmas celebrations to a limited number and without changing their composition.

The increase in hospital pressure due to covid-19 has made Osakidetza go from second to third scenario of the contingency plan of the ucis, what it means to open another 146 beds in these units up to a total of 427. According to the latest data, 306 people are admitted to the plant Y 99 in Intensive Care Unitss (UCI).

All this in a day in which the Basque Autonomous Community (CAV) has registered 2508 new infections236 more than the previous day, and the cumulative incidence has grown from 1,042 to 1,083.55 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

The Basque Government Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, has released these data in the full control of the Government of the Basque Chamber, in response to the parliamentarian of EH Bildu Rebecca Ubera who has asked the counselor about the “guarantee of the right to health” of citizens by the Department of Health, since he considers that “it is not being guaranteed.”

Ubera believes that the Osakidetza situation is “a failure” and has criticized the suspension of health services announced by the counselor who believes that it is “a consequence of the lack of foresight, not of the pandemic.”

Sagardui has insisted that the health system is strong and Osakidetza has a protocol to deal with this sixth wave, although he has recognized that it is impossible to prevent these contagion data from having consequences in hospitals.

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However, the counselor has clarified that “Osakidetza will not leave anyone behind.” “The priority is the covid but everyone who needs health care in the Basque Country will have it. There is no doubt about that,” he assured.


For her part, the parliamentarian of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU Miren Gorrotxategi He has asked the Lehendakari about the current health situation. “Not having the health system properly prepared, in the face of what is no longer an eventuality, it is not acceptable, nor is it to cross out as unreal the proposal we made to rehire the 4000 reinforcement toilets that had been decided to do without because the pandemic was remitting “, defended the parliamentarian.

For this reason, he has demanded that the Lehendakari “reinforce public health, do not delegate all responsibility to the public and assume their responsibility as the Basque Government.”

The Lehendakari replied to Gorrotxategi that the situation of the pandemic “continues to be worrying” and recalled that the Basque Government is going to present a document with a “recommendations” on the maximum number of people that should meet at Christmas celebrations.

In this sense, the Lehendakari has reiterated the appeal to citizens to avoid risky situations as celebrations between people of different family nuclei.

“We will make a recommendation so that family celebrations are reduced and limited, they are made with a limited number of people and without changing their composition,” he stressed.


Urkullu has specified that this pandemic “is catching everyone with a changed foot” and has recalled that as he has said on previous occasions, new measures should be taken but he has pointed out that the Basque Government does not have “direct competence to adopt these decisions“.” We have to take into account the legal limits we have to adopt measures, “he acknowledged.

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For this reason, he has asked the Government of Spain and Europe to adopt “decisions” and has given as an example that he is in favor of always use the mask, also outdoors, “but he recalled that to determine this measure, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has to change a royal decree.” We have asked for it more than once and the WHO is also asking for it, “he said.

Likewise, he stressed that Osakidetza is working to extend the third dose and proceed to vaccination of minors twelve-year-old “as quickly as possible.” “We have expanded the vaccination teams,” he stressed.


He has also pointed out that the Executive is working to find the positives “with more test tracking of cases and contacts” for which the number of points for diagnostic appointments has been increased and “reinforced the teams” for conducting tests. “We have duplicated the equipment in the tracking network,” he insisted.

Another of the measures that has been recalled in the extension of the covid certificate “to all areas where possible and useful.” “This is a strategy to reinforce the effectiveness of vaccination,” he indicated.

In addition, he pointed out that the Basque Country will continue to insist on the Interterritorial Council on the proposal to reinforce the mandatory nature of the mask outdoors or the limitation of capacity in sporting events, as well as a “guarantee legislation”. “In any case, we appeal to the voluntary commitment to use a mask at all times, both inside and outside,” he recalled.

Follow the recommendationss in the face of coronavirus from the health authorities. If you live in the CAV and have symptoms, call your usual health center. The Health Council will also attend to people on the phone 900 20 30 50, offering information and solving doubts about the coronavirus. If you live in Navarra, call the Health Council telephone number: 948 290 290. Remember that the most effective way to prevent the spread of covid-19 is to use a mask, ventilate spaces, keep a safe distance, and wash hands.


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