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I am referring to the origin of SARS-CoV-2. The cause of covid-19. The bug of the pandemic. President Biden commissioned it in May 2021, giving his intelligence services three months to clean it up on his desk. The report was important for three reasons, the least of which was to know the truth. The other two, the weighty ones, I think I can summarize them like this: on the one hand, it was the first report prepared by the United States intelligence services in which the intelligence services of any country appeared. The conclusions they reached, which are scarce, suggested second-hand material, spy gossip, pure cabal of secret agents fed up with tracking the internet or exhausting their contacts in Macao or Hong Kong with the same circular questions. It was expected. No matter how hard they tried, finding out where the virus came from (finding out if it was a stomp from Mother Nature, or if it escaped from a laboratory) was an almost impossible mission, because as long as the little animal in which the enough virus to infect humans, the so-called laboratory hypothesis, the other option, can only be confirmed by documents from the Wuhan laboratory, that is, scientists from the Wuhan laboratory, that is, Chinese government employees. And China has already said that it is not going to lift a finger so that the world knows what the world got sick from, so it did not matter which secret service Biden would ask for that report, his, the Jamaican, or the Danish, because only the Chinese secret service could have that answer. The first thing that report showed is a sign of the times, a change of empires: China 1- United States 0.

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The second thing that failed report showed was another sign of the times: surely, Biden was clear that we were not going to know something that China did not want us to know, but at least the story of his ignorance could fight him. The United States could let the world know in its own words that it knew nothing. When the virus broke out in January 2020 and led to a pandemic, the environment of former President Trump dropped without proof that the coronavirus had come out of a Chinese laboratory. This shot into the air added to the torrential river of conspiracies that were flooding blogs, social networks, the unfathomable cyberspace where a furious world war of information, misinformation, anti-information, hoaxes, tricks, and legends was being waged. The reasonable and historic question of whether the virus could have escaped from the Wuhan biosafety laboratory (in 2014 alone, there were three similar accidents in the United States itself) was mired in the quagmire of rampant paranoia, and many scientists, politicians, Or citizens of order, they would scold you furiously if you pronounced the words “escape” and “Wuhan” together. But the lineup of coincidences was so intense that that pseudo-bullet became a resistant suspicion. It turned out that the Wuhan laboratory was experimenting with coronavirus. It turned out that in 2018 the US embassy had sent several cables to the White House warning of the laboratory’s lack of security, of the dangerousness of these experiments, of the way in which those coronaviruses could directly infect humans. It turned out that our coronavirus infected us exactly like this two years later. There were so many wonders of chance that the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, the director general of the WHO, and a good handful of top-notch scientists, ended up thinking about it three times, and during the spring of 2021 they demanded writing a serious inquiry into the matter. The one Biden asked for in May was the latest of those efforts to find out the truth by imagining it. His secret services could only tell a story, an incantation of words that would invoke a possible reality, because the real reality had been buried under the red-hot lava of official, unofficial, involuntary, or vocational lies that governors, presidents, advisers, singers, waiters, and the odd biologist, released in those days of the end of the world, massive lockdowns, ghost towns, and lung ruin. When life seems like a drill, fake news they become an option.

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Yes it’s correct. I’m one of those old-fashioned corny ones who still believe in gravity. And how it would have been useful to know where this virus comes from, to prevent future cataclysms and learn something from the past, and so on. But I’m not so cheesy as not to realize that the Biden report says a lot with the little it does. He says that the lie is winning in a world specialized in counterfeiting, in the simulation of canned flavors, synthetic touch, remote sex, and History on demand. He says that the story is what matters, the order of the words, and not the mess of life. And he says that as far-fetched as an improvised virus may be in a laboratory, it is no longer necessary to demonstrate how things happen, but how they have not happened even though they have occurred to us. Whatever I want 1 – reality 0.

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