OnlyFans couple make thousands selling X-rated videos after Covid destroys businesses


Husband and wife Charlotte and Bear feared for their future after their salon and construction firm businesses were wiped out, but they soon found a racy way to pay the bills on OnlyFans

Charlotte, 39, and Bear, 41,
The Gloucestershire couple were cashing after fearing the worst when Covid struck

A couple whose businesses were decimated by Covid are jetting off for a new life in the sun after raking in thousands each month sharing X rated videos online.

Neighbors in their leafy Cotswolds village are oblivious to how the raunchy husband and wife, who have five children, have turned their fortunes around.

The pair, who go by the names Charlotte, 39, and Bear, 41, were forced to apply for Universal Credit after their salon and construction businesses were wiped out by the pandemic.

Struggling to pay the bills, they decided to share videos of themselves having sex on subscriber platform OnlyFans, and now have a lucrative army of subscribers.

Charlotte and Bear now plan to move their family to Greece so they can continue their new occupation in the sunshine.

Charlotte, 39, and Bear, 41, have been so successful they’re planning a new life in the sun


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Charlotte told The Mirror: “We worked all our lives for our businesses, but then the pandemic came along and decimated them.

“I had to make redundancies, it was awful. This is a lot more fun for us.”

They now upload new videos and images every day and say they were pleased by the response, now making upwards of £7,000 a month.

In spite of their success they say close friends and family were surprised by their new line of work.

Charlotte, nicknamed Chots, said: “We were in a position where we applied for Universal Credit, but that’s a long wait when you’re not earning money.

“We’ve always had an active sex life, and it’s something we started joking about. At first we thought we’d give it a whirl, it’s something we enjoy doing.”

Thanks to their army of subscribers, they are now making nearly £7,000 a month


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Their hundreds of subscribers may be familiar with them getting saucy in the bedroom, but Charlotte said her neighbors would be shocked.

“We live in a quintessential English village, I think they’d have kittens if they knew,” she said.

“They’d think ‘no way, they’re not like that, they’re really normal’. We’re quite homely people really.”

The mum-of-five said at first it was nerve-wracking sharing their intimate moments with complete strangers, but described the response as “amazing”.

“There were mixed emotions, but people seem to like it, we don’t always take it too seriously and to be honest it’s quite fun,” she said.

“We’ve now got lots of subscribers and we have to work hard to keep them.

“We’re turning it from being a side-hustle to making it a full time job. We’ve got to put the effort in there.”

They each have an account of their own on the platform



Charlotte and Bear run two accounts on OnlyFans, with each having around 200 subscribers paying £15.99 a month.

On top of that, individual users can ask them to make customized videos, for which they pay upwards of £10 a minute.

Although they’ve told some close friends and family members, most of those around them have no idea about their new income stream – and their children have no idea.

“At first there was a bit of shock obviously, and there were a few questions about how it would work,” Charlotte said.

“But they thought as long we’re not having complications or bringing in other people, which we’ll never do, it’s okay, they just tell us to stay safe.”

But as it is a protected platform with age verification, she said she is not worried about their kids stumbling on raunchy footage.

“I don’t think it’s something we’ve got to have a discussion with them about,” she said.

Charlotte says it has brought the couple – who have known each other since they were teenagers growing up in the Cotswolds – even closer together.

She said: “We thought it will interfere with our marriage, but it hasn’t at all, we’ve found it’s a lot of fun.”

On Monday, they plan to leave the UK behind and jet off to a new life in Greece.

“We’re embracing our next adventure, we love travel and prefer warm climates, and we can create content wherever we are,” she said.

“We’re not making millions, but if we do get a new variant we’re lockdown proof and it’s something we enjoy.”

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