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Chief Inspector Manuel Morocho, upon his arrival at the National Court, last June.
Chief Inspector Manuel Morocho, upon his arrival at the National Court, last June.Óscar Cañas (Europa Press)

The permanent judicial storm that hits the PP is on the verge of thundering again. The third great judgment of the Gürtel case that seats the popular on the bench of the National Court, which began in November and in which 17 of the 24 accused have already confessed, is preparing to write another black chapter for the conservative party, where the corrupt network headed by Francisco nested Strap. As of this Wednesday, according to the court’s forecast, agent 81,067 will testify. A number of official who hides the identity of Manuel Morocho, the chief inspector of the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the Police who has led the investigations into the plot, who has denounced the pressure he received to try to stop his investigations and that has become a real nightmare for the formation that Pablo Casado now leads.

Morocho returns to the National Court to testify for two days, according to the court’s calendar, in an oral hearing that focuses on the irregular businesses hatched by the Gürtel network in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), where they manipulated public contracts with the approval of local authorities to award them to companies that paid bribes. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, which also accuses the PP of benefiting from the plot, a part of that money was used to pay for electoral acts of the formation. “The regional leadership of the PP had knowledge,” said the former mayor of the municipality, Arturo González Panero, who also pointed to the national leadership in the stage of President José María Aznar: “We received calls from Moncloa.”

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The reports and appearances of agent 81,067 have so far been devastating for the interests of the PP. Morocho already declared in 2017 in the trial of Epoch I, the main part of the Gürtel case, which was the first sentence against the party and which caused the motion of censure that struck down the Government of Mariano Rajoy. The policeman did the same in April 2021, in the trial on box b, which resulted in a second conviction. On that last occasion, over three days, the inspector uncovered the system devised to pay “in black” for the reform of the Genoa 13 headquarters and insisted that parallel accounting was not an exclusive mechanism of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas, but that was intricate within the organic structure of the political force: “We are talking about the national headquarters of the PP, the treasury and the management. And, therefore, we are talking about the central organ of the party ”. In other words, it was not box b of Bárcenas, as old domes of the formation repeat, but it was box b of the PP – as three judgments have already proven.

In addition, Morocho declared last summer in the investigation opened in the National Court on Operation Kitchen, the plot activated in 2013 in the Ministry of the Interior to spy on Bárcenas with the alleged objective of snatching compromising material for high positions of the PP before he It will come to the hands of Judge Pablo Ruz and the UDEF, in charge of Gürtel at that time. An appointment before the magistrate Manuel García-Castellón that lasted for two days, in which the police narrated a whole battery of “anomalies” to torpedo the cause that surrounded the party. These maneuvers, which the agent linked to the Rajoy government, included “pressure” so that his reports did not point to popular leaders and even attempts to buy him with his transfer to more economically endowed destinations. The situation was so delicate that, according to account, Ruz ordered to look for microphones in his office.

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Morocho’s statement before the Kitchen judge about the pressure he suffered in the ‘Gürtel case’.

The attacks of the PP

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Against this background, the PP has long since placed Morocho on the bullseye. At the Congressional investigation commission on Kitchen, where the inspector appeared on March 25, the spokesman for the popular lashed out at him and questioned his professionalism: “You habitually make value judgments in those reports. […] You simply take contracts, take donors, put them in an Excel sheet and come to conclusions. You do not have legal training, ”deputy Eloy Suárez Lamata reproached him. An offensive that reached its zenith on July 30 of this year, after the UDEF agent produced two new reports where he pointed out the popular ones for the espionage plot against Bárcenas – “the political formation contributes to the definition of the objectives strategic plans and the start-up of the operation ”, he wrote – and on the link between the award of works at the time of the Aznar government with the box b.

After both reports, the PP charged the official with 81,067 through a brief presented at the National Court, where it accused him of “desperately seeking evidence” against the political force. The party, which even asked that the police be warned, attributed in that document an “incriminating bias”, “malpractice”, an “unheard of and reprehensible proactivity” and a “surprising and reprehensible behavior”.

Jorge Fernández Díaz, Minister of the Interior at the time of Rajoy and prosecuted by Kitchen, has also publicly questioned Morocho. Just two weeks ago, during his statement in the parliamentary commission, the former leader of the PP questioned the agent’s word, who detailed to the judge a meeting he had in 2013 with Commissioner José Luis Olivera where he was offered a position at the Embassy from Lisbon. The chief inspector framed that appointment within the attempts made by the police leadership to separate him from Gürtel and explained that, during the conversation, Olivera received an alleged call from Fernández Díaz to inquire about the issue: “Hello, minister. Yes, I’m with him, “the commissioner said to his interlocutor, according to Morocho, who added that Olivera said to him when he hung up:” See, the minister calls me. “

The former head of the Interior denies that call. “Morocho has said in court that he was dispatching with Commissioner Olivera and that Olivera received a call from the minister inquiring about a destination abroad for Morocho. [Pero] Olivera has said that this is absolutely false. Is that clear? ”Fernández Díaz defended himself in the congressional commission. Olivera is also processed by Kitchen.

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