Oltra resigns as vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana

The Vice President of the Valencian Generalitat, Mónica Oltra, has announced her resignation this Tuesday after her accusation for the alleged cover-up of the abuses from her ex-husband to a minor under guardianship. She will also leave her deputy act in Les Corts, she has announced between tears. The vice president has assured that she makes this decision because “she does not want the policies of the Government of the Botànic to stop” and she has considered that her case “will go down in the history of infamy”.

“This decision costs me because the bad guys win. In this country, anyone who makes policies that are not in favor of the powerful will be charged with false accusations, with dirty war in the courts, with lies,” she assured, visibly moved.

Oltra announced it at the Compromís headquarters in Valencia, after a meeting of the party’s Executive in which his presence was not expected. A few minutes later, he has communicated his decision in a press conference called by surprise. I have decided to tender my resignation. so as not to compromise the change project that this country began in 2015,” has pointed out.

“I’m leaving with my head held high and my teeth clenched”

“I don’t want to give alibi to anyone to be able to unilaterally decide that Compromís is not part of the Government Valencian”, he added in reference to his government partner, the PSOE, and has ensured that a favorable media ecosystem has been favored for his departure. “I am leaving with my head held high and my teeth clenched because this story will go down in history of political, legal and media infamy in this country. Let no one wonder in 20 years or in 20 months what the hell has happened in this country.”

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“This country has a problem when corrupt people are acquitted, when M. Rajoy is not a clue and innocent people are prosecuted. What I feel most about this and what I would like to avoid is that no person in this country thinks that it is not possible to do leftist politicsthat it is not possible to stand up to power”, he continued. “They are striking us down one by one, with false accusations and the day they want to react they will have struck down you too”.

He has stated that he has not previously announced his resignation to Ximo Puig and that the president of the Generalitat has found out in that same appearance. He has asked that the policies of the Botànic, the coalition government with PSOE and United We Can not stop, in which he has participated in its first edition in 2015 and in its re-edition in 2019.

The TSJCV suspects that Oltra acted to “protect her then partner”

The events have been triggered since last Thursday the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community summoned to declare Oltra as investigated for the alleged cover-up of the abuses of her ex-husband. The Court appreciateda series of plural cues” that “lead to suspect the possible existence of a concert” between the graduated and various officials to “protect her then-partner or protect the political career of the outlaw”.

The next day, the vice president refused to resign and blamed her accusation on a “hunt for the extreme right.” “These people can’t win,” she asserted, an idea she insisted on at her press conference on Tuesday.

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Now Oltra will lose her status as an aforada and the case against her will no longer be in the TSJCV to return to an ordinary court, according to legal sources pointed out to EFE. The date that the TSJCV had set for its statement was July 6, although it is foreseeable that now the Valencian high court will address Les Corts again soon to prove that Oltra has left the seat and, consequently, the gauged condition.

Key figure in Valencian politics in the last decade

One of the key figures in Valencian politics of the last decade is leaving. Oltra was part of Izquierda Unida and the Poble Valencià Initiative, a formation that she helped found and that would be one of the legs of the Compromís coalition together with the Bloc Nacionalista Valencià. What spokesman for the parliamentary group in Les Corts, carried out a combative opposition to then-president Francisco Camps until in 2015 he achieved his goal, to be part of the Government of the Generalitat, known as Botànic. In 2019 she revalidated her position as vice president and also assumed the positions of Minister of Equality and spokesperson for the Consell, positions from which she also resigned this Tuesday.

His presence was very mediatic and the shirts became known that led to the autonomous plenary session to denounce the cases of corruption that at that time devastated the PP. In 2009 he wore a shirt with the face of Camps and the legend SE busca. Only Alive (“Wanted. Alone Alive”), which earned him one of his notorious expulsions from the hemicycle.

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His party colleague and Compromís spokesperson in Congress, Joan Baldoví, lamented that with the departure of Oltra “An injustice is materialized against one of the people who has given Valencian politics the most dignity”. He has pointed to “the right, the extreme right and all those who at some point in the process have taken advantage of their dirty tricks.”

For its part, its partner in More Country, Íñigo Errejón, has praised the “courageous decision” of Oltra to “preserve the progressive policies of the Govern del Botànic. From Ciudadanos, its spokesman in Congress Edmundo Bal has criticized that “here the only ‘infamy’ is that those who have had enough of giving lessons to others have kept an accused for covering up abuses”, and has included Puig’s PSOE in his criticism.


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